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Faith is a cute dog but one thing that is different from the other dogs is that this dog only has two hind legs. In fact, Faith still has two front legs, but these legs are too small, the dog’s owner believes: The mother dog tried to kill and then abandon Faith. Unlike its sisters who have normal four legs, it was born with a congenital disability. The two small front legs were shrunken and unusable, only the two back legs were fortunately healthy enough to move. Even its mother abandoned her and refused to let this poor dog touch her milk.

The owner of this two-legged dog thought that the miserable animal could not exist in this real world, so he threw it in the trash. Fortunately, a kind-hearted person, Jude Stringfellow, brought this poor animal home to raise him. Mrs. Stringfellow held on to the hope that this poor dog would one day stand up to face life, so she named him Faith, which means “Faith”. Faith currently enjoys β€œwalking”. No matter where she goes, Faith attracts everyone’s attention. Faith quickly became famous and appeared in many articles and TV shows. There is even a book about this dog called: “With a Little Faith”. Faith was also considered to appear in one of the Harry Potter films.

Faith is truly a symbol of strength and patience. Its determination proves that nothing can stop an animal’s strong will and desire to live. Faith’s story is a testament to the unconditional love and care a person can have for an animal, and also boosts the spirits of those around her.

By sharing her story, Faith has become an inspiration to many people around the world. Its strength and will have changed many people’s views on the ability to overcome difficulties. The care and compassion from Jude Stringfellow and other fans helped Faith see that she could never be left alone.

Faith is truly a model of strength and perseverance, and its story is a clear testament to the power of faith and love.