After falling flat on her face on the red carpet, Jennifer Lawrence chose to wear… sandals

Hollywood actress – Jennifer Lawrence appeared perfect on the red carpet in Cannes until she… lifted her dress. Lawrence’s flip-flops made many people laugh.

When recently going to see a movie premiere in Cannes, Jennifer Lawrence wore an impressive dress and… flip-flops (Photo: Daily Mail).

Appearing at the premiere of the movie Anatomy of a Fall at Cannes Film Festival, Hollywood actress – Jennifer Lawrence (32 years old) was perfectly beautiful until she… pulled up her dress to walk on the stairs, Lawrence revealed … flip-flops.

During her career, Jennifer Lawrence had stumbles that were mentioned all over the newspapers. Although those falls were humorous, they probably also made Lawrence feel haunted.

When recently going to see a movie premiere in Cannes, the beauty wore an impressive dress, but instead of wearing high heels, she chose a pair of flip-flops to walk steadily and firmly, without tripping.

Previously, Lawrence tripped when stepping on stage to receive the golden statue for Best Actress at the 2013 Oscars. In 2014, she tripped again during the red carpet event of the Oscars. In 2016, she tripped so much that she lost her shoes while leaving an event. Those falls were recorded by photojournalists and became hot news in the showbiz news flow.

Jennifer Lawrence is considered the “beauty of falls” causing surprises at events. In addition, during her career, Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she is forever haunted by the incident that happened in 2014, when she was attacked by hackers and her nude photos were stolen and then distributed online.

During her career, Jennifer Lawrence had stumbles that were mentioned all over the newspapers (Photo: Daily Mail).

That experience still haunts Lawrence to this day: “Everyone could see my nude photos, it was a crisis that will forever leave consequences in my mind.”

Currently, Lawrence is more active in showbiz activities after a long time of pursuing a quiet, private lifestyle. Since 2017, she has only acted in one movie every year, and some years she has not acted in any movies.

Lawrence also limited the frequency of her appearances at events after she entered marriage with art exhibition director Cooke Maroney in 2019. The couple welcomed their first son into the world in February 2022.

Sharing about the reason why she decided to give herself some quiet time over the past few years, Lawrence said it was a way for her to find herself and not be too busy following other people’s expectations.

Lawrence once tripped and fell when stepping on stage to receive the Golden Statue for Best Actress at the 2013 Oscars (Photo: Daily Mail).

She tripped again at the Oscars red carpet event (Photo: Daily Mail).

She tripped so much that she lost her shoes when leaving an event (Photo: Daily Mail).

Lawrence once confided: “I wasn’t able to produce the quality that I should have created. I think people were starting to get fed up with me, and I was getting fed up with me. At one point, I felt like It seems like whatever I do is not right in everyone’s eyes, making everyone feel like there is a problem. There have been times when I tried to do everything I could to please everyone, to meet everyone’s expectations. for me, I have lived and worked like that for quite a long time.”

Now that she is a mother, Lawrence said she will find every way to give her child as normal a childhood as possible. She hopes her child will not be known to the media and the public: “Instincts In me, I say that I need to protect the privacy of my loved ones’ lives as much as possible. I will absolutely not involve my husband, children or family matters in work-related activities.”