Angel cat

A cat in Sichuan (China) has just grown two wings, each more than 10 cm long. The owner of this strange male cat said: “At first they were just two humps, but gradually they began to grow quickly, and after a month they became two wings.” Strong bones have formed in the wings, making the pet cat look like an “angel”. Although the cat cannot fly with these wings, it can occasionally move its wings. The cat has attracted many tourists to visit the small village. This anomaly makes her pet even more adorable.

Experts say it is due to a genetic mutation and this does not affect the cat’s normal life. The cat owner believes that this phenomenon occurred after the cat was approached by a group of female cats to attract males: “A few months ago, the female cats “attacked” and then wings began to grow on the cat’s back. mine”. However, scientists believe that this incident is more like a form of genetic mutation (perhaps a consequence of the chemicals the mother cat ingested during pregnancy), or due to the cat’s habit of scratching her fur. cats, or due to a genetic skin disease.

With their exceptional beauty and gentle personality, angel cats often become favorite subjects in art, culture and comics. Their images often appear in paintings, cartoons and fairy tales, bringing mystery and colorful imagination.

Whether they are really “angels” or not, angel cats have truly made a deep impression in the hearts of animal lovers, from the charm of their appearance to their gentle personality, creating a unique beauty. and especially in the animal world.