Arena of Valor

Lien Quan Mobile’s international name is Arena of Valor (AOV). The game is considered an international version of Honor of Kings (HOK) and is currently developing very strongly in countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan,… and is continuing to be developed by the developer. expanding to many countries in South Asia and Europe.

Genre: MOBA

Graphics: 3D

Mode: Multiplayer

Publisher: Tencent

Platform: Android 4.0.3 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher, Nintendo Switch

Launch date: November 21, 2016

Age: 12 and up

Game price: Free

Lien Quan currently has more than 112 generals with more than 520 different costumes from A level to SSS level and is constantly increasing over time. Not only does it build a powerful cast of generals, Lien Quan also invests in building storylines for each character, connecting them all together into a consistent and consistent story.

Currently, the generals in the Coalition are divided into 5 main force groups:

Fallen Forces (Abyss of Chaos)

Palace of Light (Light Tower)

Origin Castle (City of Origin)

Twilight Forest (Primary Forest)

Other locations include DC Universe, Mechanized Castle, Fog Island,…

Besides the massive general store, Lien Quan Mobile also has a system of support items such as Equipment, Auxiliaries, Gems and Badges similar to MOBA games. If you feel bored with the traditional MOBA gameplay, Lien Quan also has many other game modes such as Hunger Games, Lien Quan Chess, 10vs10, Football Mode, Racing Mode,…