Black-eyed shark

The black-eyed shark, also known by its scientific name Carcharhinus limbatus, is a medium-sized shark, commonly found in warm and tropical waters worldwide. Here are some basic characteristics about black-eyed sharks:

Size: Black-eyed sharks are usually 1.5 to 2.5 meters long when mature. This is not the largest shark, but it is not small either.

Color: They have a color that is usually gray or blue-gray, and as the name suggests, they have distinctly large black eyes.

Biological characteristics: Black-eyed sharks usually live near shore and are often found in shallow tropical and temperate waters. They typically hunt prey, including fish and small live shellfish, but may also eat other marine animals.

Life layer: This species of shark usually lives in the upper and middle water layers, often appearing near the coast, on coral reefs and shallow bottom areas.

The black-eyed shark, with its powerful appearance and characteristic black eyes, has attracted the attention of researchers and nature lovers around the world.