Blue shrimp

Blue lobsters are known for their red color, as well as their delicious taste. There is a Lobster who has become really famous, because he possesses something very special. This lobster has a blue shell, this mutation is extremely rare. This extremely rare cobalt blue lobster was found on the coast of Scarborough, southwest of the town of Portland, Maine, USA. According to research by the University of Maine, Department of Shrimp Research, this cobalt blue lobster weighing about 1kg is considered one of the extremely rare mutation cases in shrimp with an incidence occurring in about 1/2 million.

Color variation is used by many animals for protective purposes, with methods such as camouflage, mimicry, or warning. The cobalt blue lobster was later named Skyler and donated to the state marine park for display and research. With an occurrence rate ranging from about 1/2 million to 1/50 million, these lobsters are considered extremely rare by scientists. Scientists say that only one in every 5 million lobsters has such a mutation.