Boy Walking Home From School Hears The Sound Of Crying From A Hole

He found someone calling out for help.

The other day, a boy in Brazil was walking home from school when he heard something alarming. It was the sound of a dog in distress, crying out for help near a construction site.

When the boy scanned the area, however, there wasn’t a dog to be seen. Fortunately, rather than continuing on his way, he decided to follow the sound to where it led.

And that’s when he found a hole with a puppy trapped inside it.

The boy then alerted his sister, Karol, who rushed to the spot to help. She did her best to reassure the trapped dog before carefully lifting him from the hole.

“He was quite scared and trying to bite,” Karol wrote on TikTok. “So, I gave him water to calm him down a little. He was very weak. I wet his little body and gave him water, trying to get him going.”

The dog was exhausted and was unable to walk at first, so Karol and her brother decided to carry him home.

n a follow-up video, Karol said they took the dog to the vet, initially believing him to be a stray. However, they later discovered that the puppy had owners, a family living nearby.

His name is Doguinho. They’d saved his life.

Karol has kept in touch with Doguinho’s owners, offering assistance in the event that he requires additional care. Fortunately, however, he’s well on his way to recovery following that scary ordeal he’d been rescued from.

“I think he was traumatized by what happened, but the veterinarian said that he is doing very well,” Karol wrote.