Bread – Vietnam

When it comes to bread, surely foreign tourists cannot forget the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches. This is a dish with a perfect combination of Eastern and Western ingredients. The main ingredients to create an attractive sandwich include meat sandwiches (usually grilled pork, meatballs or cold meat), sliced cucumbers, cilantro, carrots, liver pate and a some mayonnaise.

When you eat this bread, you will feel all the flavors: salty, sweet, sour, spicy. The best place to enjoy this delicious dish is on the streets of Saigon. This seemingly rustic and all-too-familiar dish is ranked first in the list of 20 must-try street foods published by the Huffington Post. Bread is a popular, popular dish that has appeal around the world. Many times ranked among the most attractive street foods in the world, Vietnamese bread is loved and rated ‘delicious – nutritious – cheap’ on travel newspapers around the world.

Vietnamese banh mi is a dish that has been very popular for decades. You can easily see street stalls on the streets of Hanoi or Saigon selling sandwiches with all kinds of fillings inside such as meat sandwiches, cucumbers, coriander, carrots, liver pate and a some Mayonnaise. Banh mi can be a very normal dish for each of us Vietnamese. But it left a deep impression on foreign diners. People call banh mi by the name “banh mi”, an admirable name, not Vietnamese baguette or Vietnamese sandwich. With delicious, nutritious, and cheap basics, this seemingly small Vietnamese dish can proudly be on the list of must-try street foods of any food blogger.