Clase Azul Just Dropped an Ultra-Premium Day of the Dead Tequila That’s Aged in Whiskey Casks

This is the third release in the brand’s Día de Muertos tequila series.

Published on October 19, 2023

Clase Azul Día de Muertos Edición Limitada AromasClase Azul

When it comes to luxury tequila, there are few brands that come close to Clase Azul in terms of presentation, exclusivity, and pricing. All of that holds true with the latest annual release in the brand’s Nuestros Recuerdos series, the new Día de Muertos Edición Limitada Aromas.

Nuestros Recuerdos, which translates to “our memories,” is a tequila series that debuted in 2021 making this year’s expression the third release. The 2023 Día de Muertos Edición Limitada is called Aromas because the intention was to evoke the scents that go along with the Day of the Dead in Mexico, with a key component being cempasúchil blossoms, according to the brand. Other aromas come from the ofrendas, or offerings that frequently contain copal incense, as well as sweet dessert dishes and other fragrances.

To that end, this expression is an añejo tequila that was matured for 25 months in American whiskey barrels and finished in Armagnac casks from France. “These casks’ unique character results from their provenance, Bas-Armagnac, where grapes grown in siliceous-clay soil end up imparting fine and complex fruit notes to the spirit,” said said Clase Azul master distiller Viridiana Tinoco in a statement. “I opted for this kind of cask because Armagnac is a product that aligns with the values of Clase Azul México; its small-scale production reflects the history and heritage of the region where it’s produced and ensures the transmission of ancestral knowledge and traditions.” Tasting notes for Aromas include peach, walnut, clove, and cacao on the palate followed by a cinnamon finish.


The decanter, as is par for the course for Clase Azul, is a stunner. It’s colored with a marigold glaze and features an ornament decorated with 24-karat gold. There is also an illustration on the back created by Mexican artist Jimena Estíbaliz depicting men and women harvesting cempasúchil flowers accompanied by xoloitzcuintles, hairless dogs who are thought to escort souls to the afterlife. The tequila comes in a one-liter decanter, it’s bottled at 80 proof, and there are just 3,500 available (SRP $1,450). And if you’re able to visit the Clase Azul La Terraza in Los Cabos, Mexico, starting tomorrow you can enjoy a five-course dinner prepared by chef Iván Arias paired with a two-ounce pour of the new tequila, available for $250 per person.