Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Legendary FPS shooting game

CS:GO is a legendary shooting game that almost every gamer is no longer unfamiliar with. This is the fourth version of the popular game series Counter-Strike. Let’s learn about this national game through the article below.

  1. CS:GO information
    CSGO is a classic first-person shooter (FPS) game in the shooting game universe. Below is some information about the game:

Genre: FPS, action
Mode: Multiplayer, coop, online
Graphics: 3D
Age: 17 years old and up
Platform: Windows, MacOS
Developer: Valve, Hidden Path Entertainment
Publisher: Valve
Launch date: August 22, 2012
Game price: Free
Game download link: here

  1. Gameplay CS:GO
    2.1. Style play
    Like the four previously released versions of the Counter-Strike series, CS:GO does not have many changes in gameplay, but compared to previous versions, the game has many interesting improvements.

CSGO – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has the gameplay of a classic multiplayer first-person shooter. Participating in the game, players will be divided into two factions: terrorists and anti-terrorists. Depending on the game mode, players will try to complete the mission or destroy the enemy. The two sides will play against each other in short rounds (about 2 minutes), the round will end when time runs out, one of the two teams completes the task or “wipes out” the opponent.

Defeated players will have to wait until the end of their turn to revive (except in Mortal mode). Players buy and equip weapons when preparing to enter each round with the money saved in the rounds played.
Completing tasks or destroying enemies will bring bonuses, and conversely, negative actions that go against the rules of the game will cause the player to have bonuses deducted. At the end of a round of play, all players will receive a bonus and of course the winning side will receive a significantly larger bonus than the losing side.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has shown many improvements in gameplay, with many new weapons and equipment appearing, especially the fire bomb – a weapon that enhances the game’s tactics. CS:GO supports organizing matches and tournament tables for all online game modes.

The game is designed and supports the ability to filter by game mode, map and friend system to help players easily participate in matches as desired. There is a ranking system to determine the player’s skills. In addition, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also has anti-cheat systems such as Valve Anti-Cheat, Trusted mode, …

2.2. Character system
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a diverse character system, the CT (Counter-Terrorism) side contributes 10 names from famous forces such as SWAT, FBI, SAS, Navy Seal and 12 terrorist characters from different groups. terrorists from the Middle East, Russia of the T faction (Terrorists) will be their opponents.

CT faction: Seal Team 6 Soldier (NSWC SEAL), ‘TwoTimes’ McCoy (USAF TACP), Buckshot (NSWC SEAL),

3rd Commando Company (KSK), Lt. Commander Ricksaw (NSWC SEAL), Special Agent Ava (FBI), Michael Syfers (FBI Sniper), Markus Delrow (FBI HRT), Operator (FBI SWAT), B Squadron Officer (SAS).

Faction T: The Elite Mr. Muhlik (Elite Crew), Prof. Shahmat (Elite Crew), Osiris (Elite Crew), Ground Rebel (Elite Crew), Maximus (Sabre), Dragomir (Sabre), The ‘Doctor’ Romanov (Sabre), Rezan The Ready (Sabre), Blackwolf (Sabre), Soldier (Phoenix), Enforcer (Phoenix), Slingshot (Phoenix).

2.3. Play map system
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has a system of diverse maps for players to freely choose and experience. Each map is a different terrain, requiring players to be prepared. Equip yourself with strategies to take advantage of the terrain.

Memorizing the map is extremely important because this greatly affects the playing strategy of each individual and each team. CS:GO has many different maps, each map is suitable for each person, and also includes a custom map system from the community. Some outstanding system maps of CSGO include: Mirage, Inferno, Dust2, Nuke, Overpass, Cache, Vertigo, Ancient, Train, …
2.4. Weapon system
CSGO’s weapon system is basically similar to previous versions

CS:GO divides weapon systems into different groups namely Pistol, SMG, Rifle, Heavy and Grenades. In addition, accompanying these main weapon groups is a group of accompanying weapons (Equipment):

Melee (melee weapon): Melee knife, weapon that appears in all game modes of CS:GO
Pistol: Includes handguns
SMGs (Submachine Guns): A group of submachine guns with a high rate of fire, causing strong damage at close range.
Rifle: A group of rifles, with a slower rate of fire than SMGs, medium to high damage, but has the farthest damage range of any gun group. Rifles are the most used weapon group in CSGO.
Heavy: is a group of guns with heavy damage including shotguns with extremely high damage at close range and this group also includes medium guns with long magazines, capable of firing continuously at long ranges. and close range.
Grenades: a group of weapons including bombs, grenades, mines to increase tactics in the game such as explosive bombs, fire bombs, smoke bombs, etc.
Equipment: group of support equipment such as armor, helmets, electric guns.
In addition to a diverse weapon system, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) also has a skin system for weapons, players can bring themselves guns and equipment with many shapes and colors. different with beautifully designed skins in CS:GO. This can also be considered one of the factors that make CSGO successful.
2.5. In-game transactions
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is not only famous for its attractive and attractive gameplay, but one of the important factors that create the success of the game is its beautiful and eye-catching skin system. weapons and equipment. Some players view skin collection as a major part of the CSGO experience.

Players often trade skins through websites outside the Steam platform, but these transactions often carry a high risk of fraud. So what is the appropriate trading method for players?
How players can trade in the CSGO game outside of Steam:

The first step is to find a trustworthy CSGO website. Two popular websites are and Reliable sites will ask players to log in via Steam, and that’s the safest way. Things to do when trading CSGO skins outside of Steam:

Log in via Steam to sell your skins
Trade desirable transactions for undesirable transactions
Carefully check and confirm Steam Guard trade offers
Carefully confirm transactions through Steam and Steam Guard for added safety
2.6. Diverse tournament system
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has shown tremendous influence since its launch. Because of its huge appeal, CSGO is also one of the games with an extremely large tournament system. diversity. Throughout its development journey, CSGO has organized many major tournaments with strong attraction to millions of gamers and the global Esports scene.

This is also one of the reasons why CSGO is known as one of the leading games on the Steam platform – the world’s largest online game distribution and gamer connection channel.

Division of CS:GO tournaments by scale:

Minor tournaments: These are official tournaments with a considered small scale of CSGO.
Major tournaments: This is the largest major tournament of the year and has extremely large prize money (over one million dollars) for the champions and this is a tournament held every 2 years.