Dumbo Octopus: A rather special squid with ears similar to those of an elephant.

Dumbo Octopus, also known as Dumbo squid, is a strange and special sea animal with a unique appearance. Dumbo squid belongs to the Grimpoteuthis family, and is named after the character Dumbo in the famous Disney animated film. This species is often found at great depths in the ocean, hiding in the darkness of the sea bed.

With large and round ears, like those of an elephant, Dumbo squid has a lovely and precious appearance. They can adjust their ears to help them move and maintain balance in the water. With a flexible body structure and a color usually a shade of pink, gray or white, the Dumbo squid creates a delicate and unusual image.

Dumbo Octopus lives at great depths, they like to hide and hunt in the dark environment and high pressure air of the ocean floor. They often eat small animals such as worms, shrimp, and other small marine animals.

Although less known to the public than other animals, Dumbo squid still impresses with its adorable, unique and mysterious appearance. Their presence in the ocean is a clear demonstration of the marvelous diversity of deep-sea life.