EA Sports releases Centurions Team 2 in EA FC 24 with headliners such as Eusebio, Zico, and Kevin De Bruyne

Centurions Team 2 has now been released in EA FC 24, with special cards like ICON Eusebio, Zico, and upgraded Kevin De Bruyne headlining the roster. As this is the Centurions promo’s second lineup, players were looking forward to the release. That series is known to commemorate the best players, and thus, its cards are sought after by a lot of Ultimate Team players.

Continuing the first team’s release, Centurions Team 2 has brought a number of ICON cards to the game. These items are sure to catch the attention of most players looking to get some good cards for their EA FC 24 squads. To that end, this article will provide all the necessary information about the new team release.

Eusebio, Zico, Kevin De Bruyne headline the Centurions Team 2 in EA FC 24

As the name of the series suggests, Centurions commemorates high-achieving players who have played 100 matches, scored 100 goals, or registered impressive stats in their careers. Team 1 of this promo added a bunch of highly-rated cards to the game, and this does the same thing.

Here is a list of all cards included in Centurions Team 2, with their upgraded ratings listed below:

  • Eusebio: 92
  • Zico: 92
  • Zanetti: 90
  • Cole: 89
  • Mekelele: 88
  • Trezeguet: 88
  • De Bruyne: 92
  • Aitan Bonmati: 91
  • Musiala: 89
  • Williams: 87
  • Chiesa: 86
  • Correa: 85
  • Olga Carmona: 84
  • Bornauw: 84
  • Nandez: 83

Although missing a goalkeeper, this roster is pretty well-rounded, with EA Sports spreading these upgraded cards across various positions on the field. The highest rating in this lineup is 92, with three cards sharing it — the legendary Portuguese striker Eusebia, iconic Brazilian attacking midfielder Zico, and Manchester City’s playmaker Kevin De Bruyne.

The 2023 Ballon d’Or winner, Aitana Bonmati, has received an upgraded item as part of Centurions Team 2, which is an impressive 91-rated CM card. Standout defenders on this roster include the ICON versions of Zenneti and Cole. French legends Makelele and Trezeguet are also part of this lineup.

EA FC 24 players looking to pack one of these cards from Team 2 should ideally be opening as many packs as they can this week. Alternatively, they can look for the items on the in-game transfer market. However, acquiring cards that way is going to be more expensive.