Fenugreek candy – Shanghai

Fenugreek candy is a popular street food in China and Taiwan. Coming here, you will see old bicycles or three-wheeled carts selling this candy all over the streets. Or if you are a fan of Chinese historical films, it is no stranger to the image of bright and eye-catching red gourds often seen in movies. It can be said that gourd candy has become a typical traditional beauty of the streets here.

This sweet treat is made from a variety of different fruits, strawberries, cherry tomatoes and plums or hawthorns are the traditional ones covered with a layer of hard sugar similar to candy apples. Other fruits including oranges, pineapples, kiwis, bananas or grapes are also becoming more and more popular. Besides the irresistible sweetness, bright red gourd candies also symbolize luck and goodness. Therefore, Chinese people also believe that eating gourd candy also has the effect of chasing away bad luck and bringing luck and goodness to the person who eats it. In addition, the image of round, plump, and bright red candies also symbolizes fullness, completeness, and prosperity.

Although fenugreek candy is a snack available all year round in China, the above-mentioned good meaning has made fenugreek candy widely sold in China at the beginning of the new year. Chinese people also have the habit of buying gourd candy to give to children with the meaning of wishing them good health and good luck.

In particular, January 9th of every year is also chosen as the date of the gourd candy festival in Qingdao. The festival usually lasts a whole week and attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to participate. If in the past, gourd candy only used bright red hawthorns as the filling, today the Chinese are also creative and diversify the flavor of gourd candy with other ingredients such as kumquats and chestnuts. , date seeds…

In addition, sometimes Chinese gourd candy is also transformed with fruits such as strawberries, pineapples, raisins, kiwis and even chocolate sprinkled with granulated sugar… Although the original red color of gourd candy has changed. attractive enough, but if you add a few modern gourds, it will make the candy skewer even more colorful and eye-catching.