Four-legged duck

The 4-legged duck is a mutation that people can completely predict. Stumpy is the name of this peculiar creature. The duck’s two extra legs are completely useless. Fortunately, the duck can still move normally with its two legs dangling from its belly. A leg was injured and stuck on the owner, forcing the Duck to have surgery to remove it. The remaining leg sometimes becomes bruised, and then disappears again. Mr. Nicky does not hope that the duck will live for a long time. And Mrs. Janaway felt scared when she first saw Stumpy. “This is really a strange phenomenon” – Ms. Janaway said. Stumpy had no chance of survival without special care at the farm.

The duck can still function normally and express its instincts. In particular, Stumpy still has the ability to make friends with female ducks. Ms. Janaway warns: “Don’t let the duck wander in the field because its hind legs can get caught in thorn bushes and make it difficult to find.” Therefore, Nicky Janaway’s family wants to build a separate care area for the duck to ensure its safety and find friends for it.