Fresh squid dipped in Thai sauce causes controversy: Bite into it while the squid is still ‘struggling’

When talking about Thailand, many people immediately remember “culinary paradise” with delicious dishes, rich in sour and spicy flavors. In particular, the dish “dancing squid” has conquered many gourmets from around the world.

Accordingly, the ingredients to make this dish are fresh squid, 3-5cm in size, still alive. The most important point is that the squid must be fresh, delicious, and crispy to not have a fishy smell. The squid is put in a basin of water to swim.

After that, the diner will take the squid from the jar and dip it in sour-spicy Thai sauce. At that time, diners will feel the freshness of the squid meat, along with the rich flavor of the sauce. However, this dish must use live squid. When diners bite, the squid is still struggling, making many people feel “creepy”.

However, ignoring the above factors, this is still a dish worth trying when coming to Thailand. At the restaurant, staff will prepare small cups for dipping the squid. When enjoying, diners will leave for 5-10 minutes for the squid to absorb the spices.
Knowing this dish has caused a lot of controversy. “At first I was a little scared and felt a little evil. However, when I tasted it, I found it extremely delicious. The chewy and crispy squid mixed with the sour and spicy spices was very impressive.”