Fries – Belgian

Top 2 in Top 12 most delicious street foods in the world that you must try when traveling.

The first to discover potatoes were the Spaniards in the early 15th century, and 200 years later at the end of the 17th century, the Belgians introduced the first French fries, more specifically, between the cities of Li├Ęge and Dinant , located in the southern part of Belgium. It is believed that the original idea came from catching and frying small fish from the Meuse River, but when the river froze during winter time, people used the same procedure but with potatoes instead. This marked the beginning of what would become a national dish in Belgium and a long tradition with its cuisine.

If you are a foodie, surely no one knows about French fries. We can find this delicious and popular dish at any street food stalls. But not many people know that the origin of this popular dish is in Belgium. If you have the opportunity to come to Belgium, you should not be surprised that all restaurants, from the most luxurious to the most popular, serve French fries (the name of French fries in Belgium).

Belgian-style French fries have a special flavor by being fried twice in boiling oil. Fresh potatoes are cut into even stalks, soaked in salt water and allowed to drain thoroughly before frying. Frying twice makes the dish crispier and more delicious. In Vietnam, we are no strangers to this dish. Recently, fried potatoes have also been transformed into shakes when the fried potato pieces are covered with a layer of powdered cheese, making the dish more flavorful.