Hammerhead sharks

The hammerhead shark is a species of shark characterized by a large hammerhead shape on the nose. This shark belongs to the hammerhead shark family (Sphyrnidae) and their scientific name is Sphyrna. Although there are many different species in this family, they all share the characteristic hammer-shaped head.

Hammerhead sharks typically have a slender and elongated body, with a broad hammer-shaped head at the nose. This allows them to have wider and better vision than many other sharks. The strength of this special shape feature is that it helps them easily detect prey in the water and increases their ability to hunt effectively.

Hammerhead sharks are commonly found in tropical and temperate waters around the world. They like to lie near the seabed and often hunt fish and other small marine animals. Although they have a fearsome appearance, they do not usually attack humans unless agitated or stimulated by the smell of blood.

Hammerhead sharks are considered one of the most famous and special shark species due to the characteristic shape of their head, making them an icon in the world of marine animals.