Here’s What Model Olivia Culpo Eats in a Day to Stay Fit: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Model Olivia Culpo easily has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood. She has spilled her diet secrets, and thankfully, they’re not too intimidating. Her tips and recipes will have you cooking at home instead of getting takeout for the third night in a row, so why not give it a try?

“I stick to the 80-20 rule,” Olivia said about her overall philosophy with food during an interview with Hamptons magazine in April 2021. “Eighty percent of the time I’m really good, and then 20 percent of the time, I allow myself to eat, not whatever, but indulge a little more, I guess you could say. That’s worked really well for me in general, especially this past year, where obviously everyone’s just trying to find comfort wherever they can. Eating salad 24/7 is not going to give you that kind of comfort.”

The Model Squad alum typically starts her day with a cup of coffee with oat milk and a bowl of blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Next, she noshes avocado toast and egg whites. For lunch, “I’ll have some sort of salad,” she previously told Women’s Health. “I love chicken and any veggies with a miso vinaigrette.”

Despite eating fairly clean, the Sports Illustrated cover girl does like to indulge, especially when she’s working hard. “I need energy on set, so I like the raisins and chocolate,” Olivia noted at the time.

The social media influencer, who is dating Carolina Panthers player Christian McCaffrey, is also dedicated to keeping her heart rate high in her fitness routine. Lately, she’s been focusing on a challenge that is “basically 20 minutes of cardio at whatever speed you want.”

“I’ve been doing it with my followers encouraging them to join the challenge and just do whatever feels right for 20 minutes,” she says of the plan. “You want to get your endorphins going—get some movement going. It’s just something that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming. We’ll get you moving, and before you know it, it’s over.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see what Olivia eats in a day and more about her specific meals and diet.


“To be honest with you, on a day-to-day basis, I like to stick by the 80/20 rule which would be 80 percent of the time I’m good, 20 percent I indulge,” she explained via YouTube, noting that the meals she was showing were specifically for when she has a “bikini shoot” coming up.


“I really try to eat in moderation and I don’t like to deprive myself,” the model said. “So, if I want to have ice cream, I will have ice cream. I won’t have a whole sundae, and I won’t eat until the point I feel sick. I’ll eat to the point that I feel happy.”


So, how does the starlet get swimsuit ready? She eats regularly throughout the day and incorporates lots of protein and fiber into each meal. The diet plan consists of eating five meals a day: Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner. Give yourself three hours between each meal.


“A big part of this diet that’s very, very important and crucial and very annoying is that you cannot have any alcohol. No wine. None,” Olivia divulged about her diet when she’s buckling down. “It’s basically sugar. It completely counteracts the entire metabolic system you’re trying to create in your body.”


Like a lot of popular diets these days, the point is to keep your carb count in control while stocking your body up on protein and fiber. “The keys are high protein, low carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, high fiber,” the brunette beauty acknowledged.


Olivia is a believer in breakfast. She keeps her meal simple: four egg whites, three to four pieces of turkey bacon, half an avocado and a serving of GG crackers. Besides being super easy to throw together in a few minutes, it’s also satisfying.

Instead of a bagel, the model loves substituting GG crackers that are chock full of fiber. Olivia affirmed, “Fiber is important because it’s helpful for your digestive system.”


While some days you may roll out of bed and run out the door, trying to get breakfast in will have big benefits. “If you’re having a healthy, nutrient-dense breakfast, it’s really going to help kickstart your metabolism,” the Sports Illustrated model pointed out.


One of the things that makes this diet successful for toning up is that it’s paired without a workout regime. She encouraged viewers to hit the gym for cardio and resistance training. “That will be the perfect marriage for the perfect results,” she noted.


Three hours later it’s snack time! She usually keeps it super simple and munches on a quarter-cup of mixed nuts. Measuring does matter here because nuts can be very high in calories and fat. A little goes a long way.


It doesn’t get much simpler than lunch for Olivia — the whole dish is put together with just a few sheet pans. The cello player likes to enjoy a nice bowl of chicken and veggies for her midday meal.

She cubed up one to two pounds of chicken breasts seasoned with cajun spice along with broccolini, brussels sprouts and a sweet potato. She simply placed everything on a baking sheet and drizzled it with olive oil before baking at 425 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes.


She put everything together on a bed of steamed spinach, but the starlet noted that quinoa or brown rice works great too. The best part of this recipe is that there’s enough food to make a few meals out of it.


As for her next snack, the starlet doesn’t put too much thought into it. She grabbed a green apple and called it a day.


The fifth meal of the day is salmon with veggies and quinoa. Basically, all the meals have a protein and veggie component so keep that in mind with any variations you add.

She combined butter, garlic, honey, water, soy sauce and lemon for a truly delectable salmon sauce. Each fillet was about half of a pound per serving. Add your favorite vegetable on the side with a small scoop of quinoa and you’re good to go.