Is Taylor Swift about to collab with Harry Styles and Selena Gomez? Everything we know about 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor Alison Swift is known for many things: singing, song-writing, being a fanatic cat owner. But above all, she’s probably best known and beloved by her fans for another particular skillset. She’s all about tomfoolery, hijinks, shenanigans and stuff of that nature. You know?

From hidden “easter eggs” in her music videos, to stunts like dropping song lyrics in a speech at New York University five months before the song was even released, she’s always planning ahead so that her fans can have that big “OH” moment when the inevitable reveal is made.

But, Taylor’s well-known shenanigans have encouraged her fans, Swifties, to become much better detectives over the years – and they may have cracked the case on 1989 (Taylor’s Version) and the theory of a double album.

Harry Styles on Taylor Swift writing songs about him

Harry Styles on Taylor Swift writing songs about him

Will there be 1989 (Taylor’s Version) collabs?

When Taylor first dropped the setlist for her new version of 1989, fans were surprised by the total lack of collabs on the track list – especially since it now includes five additional songs from the vault, taking the total to 21 songs. 

Taylor has collaborated with artists including Hayley Williams, Phoebe Bridgers and Maren Morris on some of her vault tracks for previous releases. But this time, the track list was unveiled without any additional names. 

However, there is a popular theory floating around that Taylor could be dropping a “second album” or an additional release that includes collabs. And there are some big names tied to the theory, including Harry Styles and Selena Gomez.

taylor selena

Selena Gomez performs with Taylor Swift on the 1989 world tour.

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Let’s start with Selena, Taylor’s bestie. She’s famously said 1989 is her favourite album, and performed with Taylor as a special guest on the world tour. 

Then, there’s the handwriting that hints she may be featured on one of the upcoming songs from the vault.

Taylor has been drip-feeding lyrics from vault tracks on social media, with a line here and there for fans to decipher. One piece of paper showed a series of words and phrases written in alternating black and blue pens (we’ll get to the black and blue theory in a minute).

The handwriting on each line is different, with the word Aquamarine linked to Selena – according to fans. In multiple videos on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter, Swifties are claiming the “q” matches Selena’s handwriting. 

Meanwhile, fans have tied Harry’s handwriting to the next line that says What If. Fans have also been holding out hope that Harry would collab with Taylor on a special version of Style, the song that details their relationship.

Some Swifties have even gone further, to suggest these handwritten lyrics are actually song titles of additional vault tracks that will drop in a second album release. Which brings us to the theory that there will be more than one drop of 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

taylor swift harry styles collab

Is Harry Styles set to collab with Taylor Swift on 1989?

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Will there be a second 1989 (Taylor’s Version) album release?

Fans have been working on many, many theories surrounding the 1989 (TV) release. One of the most prominent has been the idea that Taylor will be releasing a second album, with additional music and guest collaborations. 

There were also theories that TS11 could be coming – meaning an 11th original album, along with all the re-recorded drops she’s been doing. But mostly, fans think that there will be something extra special coming when 1989 is released.

We’ve already covered off the idea that a second album of collabs could be coming, but what about the other hints and clues? Let’s dive in to the theories why she might be doing two releases.

What is the Glitch theory?

When Taylor dropped Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) from 1989 way back in 2021, the announcement video featured a glitch. The glitch is linked to her Reputation era, but some fans thought it meant there might be two sides to the 1989 release. 

The glitch was also seen in the rolling credits of the Eras Tour Concert Film that was just released. 

What is the new 1989 aesthetic?

When Taylor first announced 1989 (TV) some fans were surprised by the beachy aesthetic of the accompanying album cover and photo shoot, especially since the album is heavily tied to her life in New York City.

This sparked initial rumours that there could be a second version, with potentially more of a “rock” sound, compared to the high-octane pop of the original.

1989 aesthetic taylor swift

The new 1989 aesthetic had fans in a spiral.

Taylor Swift

Why is the black and blue theory?

Then, fans began connecting Taylor’s recent outfits and all of her 1989 (TV) posts to one key theme: black and blue.

In all of her recent outings, Taylor has sported black and blue ensembles or accessories. Her posts regarding the new album almost exclusively feature black and blue colouring, altering between the two. 

In Swiftie world, this kind of intentional decision means something, and fans are debating what exactly that is in this instance.

There has also been a very specific 1989 (TV) image circulating on socials this week – not the dreamy, beachy blue album cover, but an alternate image of Taylor wearing a black leather outfit from The 1989 World Tour. Amos Heller, Taylor’s bass player, is among those who have shared the image by an account called Taylor Eras Tour.

Is this a hint that the “rock album” theory could come true? Is it a hint at a Reputation drop? Is it JUST a photo? Time will tell on that one. 

taylor swift double 1989 album theory

The outfit Taylor is wearing in the image floating around socials is from her 1989 World Tour, but has a very Reputation aesthetic.

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When will Reputation (Taylor’s Version) be released?

With the black and blue theme taking over, fans have also questioned if the “double album drop” could include Reputation (Taylor’s Version).

Taylor famously said “there will be no explanation, there will just be reputation.” So fans are expecting it to just appear one day, and there are some small easter eggs to be uncovered, if you look closely enough.

In particular, the S on the “Taylor’s Version” text on the 1989 (TV) cover looks like a snake. And that is very, very sneaky.

taylors version reputation

That “S” is looking VERY snakey, if you ask us.

Taylor Swift

When is 1989 (Taylor’s Version) released?

No word yet on Reputation, but the 1989 album (the first one of many, possibly) will be released at midnight in New York on October 27 – which is 3pm AEDT in Australia. We can hardly wait.