Is the second caesarean section more painful? What should be noted?

The article was professionally consulted with Specialist Doctor I Le Thi Phuong – Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Vinmec Ha Long International General Hospital.

After having undergone a cesarean section, pregnant women must have had certain childbirth experiences. However, the feeling of pain after the first surgery also makes many women worry about the next surgery.

1. Is the 2nd caesarean section more painful than the 1st time?

Whether the second caesarean section is more painful than the first depends on many factors. According to the surgical procedure, the pregnant woman will be relieved by spinal anesthesia, the effect of which only lasts for a few hours.
After the anesthetic wears off, each woman’s pain is different. Pregnant women are only prescribed more pain relievers if they feel pain, persistent pain, and affect the breastfeeding process.
So the thoughts about “the second caesarean section is more painful than the first” are completely unfounded. So don’t let negative rumors affect your birthing journey. To make the second cesarean birth easier, please keep your mind at ease and prepare mentally.

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2. What should pregnant women pay attention to in the 2nd caesarean section?

You should keep a gap of 3 years before having your second baby if you are having a cesarean section for the first time. If it’s been less than 3 years, your risk of having a caesarean section next time is higher. You can do simple physical exercises and participate in pelvic and back exercises. You can start walking but avoid heavy lifting during the first 40 days of pregnancy.

You can start exercising regularly under the guidance of a fitness trainer from the 4th month of pregnancy. Women should breastfeed from the first day after giving birth. This does not affect the health of the fetus, on the contrary, it brings the first valuable source of nutrition to the baby’s body. Weight gain is not due to cesarean section but can be caused by stress, eating too arbitrarily after surgery. It’s best to drink lots of water, eat lots of healthy foods, and start with basic exercise. Diet after surgery: In the first 2 days after surgery, you should eat soft foods, avoid fat.

From day 3, can eat solid foods rich in iron and fiber, vitamin C, supplement with fresh fruits, green vegetables, lean meat, low-fat yogurt and nuts, and drink enough water. A healthy and nutritious diet can help you promote health and increase nutrition for your baby. You may experience a lot of stress after giving birth, which only lasts for a few weeks.

If it takes longer, see and consult a doctor so that you can overcome your feelings of anxiety, insecurity and for your baby’s safety.

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7. Balance between child care and health recovery. Keep your body warm and avoid sneezing and coughing as they can put pressure on the incision. Do not lie on your back, just lie on your side with the help of a loved one and keep your hand on the surgical site to avoid injury. You should sleep at the same time as your baby and ask someone to look after him.
8. The risk of deep vein thrombosis is higher with obesity because you can’t function normally within 24 hours after surgery.
Answering the question of whether the second cesarean section is more painful, the answer is: Usually no more pain depending on the condition of the old incision with little or no adhesion, and the surgical technique, and pain relief of the doctors.
Mothers having a second caesarean section should choose a reputable hospital for caesarean section. The advice given to mothers who have had a second caesarean section is to choose the hospital that had the previous surgery with the caesarean section. At this time, the doctor will understand the situation of the pregnant woman as well as save time to find out the information again.
At Vinmec Hospital, pregnant women can also choose the Package Maternity Care Program, mother and baby will receive comprehensive care: before, during and after birth. Mothers will be enthusiastically performed by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic doctors, ultrasounds, prenatal health check-ups and surgery

So that pain during cesarean section is no longer a pain. Obsessed with pregnant women, Vinmec International General Hospital applies the technique of anesthesia of the lumbar squamous muscle. This is a technique of nerve selective analgesia that governs the incision and contracts the uterus in order to block pain signals before being transmitted to the spine and to the brain, causing post-operative pain for pregnant women.
With long-term experience and with the support of modern ultrasound equipment, Vinmec doctors will find the exact place to numb the lumbar squamous muscle, ensuring safety for the mother.
In addition to the technique of anesthesia of the lumbar squamous muscles under ultrasound guidance, in obstetrics, Vinmec also implements the technique of pudendal neuroanaesthesia to relieve epigastric and epigastric pain, helping pregnant women experience birth in a safe way. most comfortable, whether it’s a vaginal birth or a cesarean section.

Thanks to these measures, mothers giving birth at Vinmec can enjoy complete pain relief, quick recovery, early return of bowel movements, early exercise and walking, and no chronic pain. In particular, doctors do not need to use morphine, which limits many undesirable effects after childbirth and after cesarean section such as: Itching, intestinal paralysis, vomiting, nausea, chills, constipation, dry mouth.