Jennifer Lawrence Finally Addressed The Theory That She And Liam Hemsworth Had An Affair While He Was With Miley Cyrus And Clarified That They “Kissed One Time”

“If five people at a party think you slept with somebody’s boyfriend, for example, it’s really upsetting. And then you multiply it by… eight billion.”

Jennifer Lawrence just set the record straight on rumors that she hooked up with Liam Hemsworth while he was with Miley Cyrus. But first, here’s all the context you need.

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So, Liam and Miley first got together in 2009 after hitting it off on the set of their movie, The Last Song. They ended up staying together for a decade, although their on and off relationship was anything but plain sailing.

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Miley and Liam were engaged twice before they eventually tied the knot in December 2018. And sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, as less than a year later in August 2019, it was announced that they’d split for good.

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Throughout the years that Miley and Liam were (mostly) together, Liam was probably best known for his role in the Hunger Games movies, which came out between 2012 and 2015.

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Of course, he starred in those movies alongside Jennifer Lawrence, and the two became close friends. At one point, they were even rumored to have had a fling while shooting the four-part franchise.

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In 2015, around the release of the fourth and final Hunger Games film, Jennifer addressed the speculation during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live when Andy Cohen asked her if she and Liam had “ever kissed when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

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Tellingly, Jennifer got a little fidgety and replied, “Liam’s real hot. What would you have done?” before eventually coming clean and telling Andy that the answer was yes.

So, despite this all happening many years ago now, the rumors about Liam and Jennifer were uprooted recently when Miley released her breakup anthem, “Flowers,” in January.

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The hit song seemed heavily inspired by Miley’s divorce from Liam, and in the accompanying music video, fans speculated that Miley was throwing shade at a potential affair between Liam and his Hunger Games co-star.

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The video starts with Miley wearing a golden hooded dress from YSL’s fall 1991 collection, which fans noticed bore a resemblance to a similar Prabal Gurung dress that Jennifer wore alongside Liam at the LA premiere of the first Hunger Games film back in 2012.

People quickly put two and two together and became convinced that this was an intentional nod to Jennifer, with many fans bringing up the resurfaced clip in which Jen confirmed that she and Liam hooked up while shooting the movie franchise.

And now, at long last, Jennifer has finally given her say on the speculation.