Jennifer Lawrence: “I’m bold, but love little, and love… carefully!”

Actress Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she has… “fear of dirt”, is always obsessed with cleanliness and is always on guard against bacteria anytime, anywhere. She is afraid of even shaking hands and always requires her “potential” boyfriend to get tested before deciding to commit.

Jennifer Lawrence (J-Law) is one of the most famous female stars in the world at the present time. She not only impresses with her beautiful appearance, but also proves her talent by being nominated for an Oscar, winning a prestigious golden statue and a series of popular films in theaters.

On the silver screen, J-Law is considered a prominent sex symbol among the current generation of young actresses. She possesses an irresistible hot beauty. In real life, J-Law always shows a unique personality. Her strong and unique personality makes her a particularly attractive face in Hollywood.

Recently, when appearing in an interview, J-Law shared something surprising, that unlike the image of a sexy symbol on the silver screen, in real life, J-Law rarely gets attached. intimate with the opposite sex, because she suffers from… “fear of dirt”. J-Law said she is always obsessed with cleanliness and always takes precautions against bacteria anytime, anywhere.

As an artist living in Hollywood and famous for being sexy, J-Law understands that many people will imagine that she has an open, even bohemian lifestyle, but J-Law said she is very picky about her boyfriend.

Before deciding to really commit to someone, J-Law always requires the other person to go to the hospital to have tests done to see if they have any infectious diseases.

After receiving safe results from the hospital, J-Law will decide whether to go further in the relationship or not.

The 27-year-old actress has previously publicly dated American director Darren Aronofsky, British actor Nicholas Hoult, and British singer Chris Martin.

J-Law affirmed that she hates all physical contact, including simple handshakes, because she is always worried that she may be exposed to bacteria and infected.

Sharing with reporters, J-Law humorously said: “I’m just being bold, but in reality I’m very shy when it comes to love. I always talk like I’m very daring, but the truth is that when I look back at my love history, I see that I’ve been quite faithful to the boyfriends I’ve had.

“When I actually entered a relationship, I was very serious. I always talk like I like hot sex, but that’s not true, in real life I don’t show any hotness.

“I have always been obsessed with bacteria and disease. I always ask my boyfriend to also be clean and free of any infectious diseases. I think love can be quite dangerous.”

Although she is very picky when looking for a boyfriend to be with, J-Law said she is also very afraid of loneliness because she believes that being single “all the time” is a very difficult choice.

Therefore, if she has left a romantic relationship, she is always ready to continue with a new relationship: “I am not currently in a romantic relationship. I want to make it clear that I have actually been single for quite a long time. I also want a new relationship. But dating is not always easy, it’s not always possible if you want it.”