Jennifer Lawrence’s Wedding Dress (And All The Details Of Her Big Day)

Jennifer Lawrence has just tied the knot! The Hollywood actress just had her stunning wedding to her fiancé Cooke Maroney and we’re delighted to share all the details we can of this chilled out ceremony.

When we say chilled out, we do mean that there was an exclusive guest list – but that did include Kris Jenner and the whole thing was held in a massive mansion. So as chill as you can be for a huge celebrity wedding.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Wedding Dress

Currently there are only a few blurry paparazzi shots of Jennifer Lawrence as a bride in her wedding dress, but we have a few more details beyond the blur…

Jennifer Lawrence opted for a L Wells Bridal gown for her engagement party, as the designer is her cousin! Fun fact: L Wells (or as she’s known by those outside of the industry, Lauren Wells) showed at One Fine Day Bridal Market last year and her oh-so down-to-earth cousin, Jennifer Lawrence, came along to help her bump in!

With a close family member knowing the ins and outs of bridal design, we assumed that L Wells was a shoe in for Jennifer’s gown. However, the actress gas has a long-standing relationship with Dior so it is likely that she has gone with them for her wedding dress. Based off the blurry paparazzi shots of the top half of the dress, it certainly looks like a heavily embellished gown from the Haus of Dior.

Jennifer Lawrence Wedding Guests

Guests of the wedding included the likes of fellow actress Sienna Miller and best friend Emma Stone, but the standout guest of the evening simply has to be Kris Jenner.

Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence’s friendship stemmed from Jennifer’s obsession with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The actress admits that she has loved Kris Jenner from afar for many years when on a late night talk show, and when the Kardashian Matriarch found this out, she invited Jen over for dinner at the Jenner mansion!

Since then they have had many a wine-laden evening together, and we’re sure that the wedding reception was no exception!

Jennifer Lawrence White Dress

If Jennifer Lawrence’s red carpet appearances are anything to go by, she’s quite the fan of a white dress. This means, if you look back through her red carpet catalogue, you will see a bunch of ball gowns, slim-fits and minis that we’re sure set her on the way to deciding on her final wedding dress look.