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Jennifer Lopez Has Been Following These 20 Genius Style Rules For Over 30 Years

To be honest, we’re struggling to remember a time before Jennifer Lopez was considered a style icon. The singer-slash-actress-slash-businesswoman (so many things) has been inspiring our purchases for years — decades, even — and whenever she steps out in a tight crop top or an oversized sweatsuit, we can’t help but wish we could raid her closet, even just for a minute. Lopez always manages to wear the best outfits.

Part of the reason J.Lo’s looks are so flawless is because of a team of stylists, Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who work hard to put her in pieces that hug every curve, provide a splash of sparkle or color, and stay in our memory for years to come. Another part is that when Lopez likes something, she makes sure it stays in her rotation. Over the years, she’s developed a signature style, and has a few key pieces that she frequently rewears.

After discovering Lopez’s fashion repeats, we decided to compile 20 style rules that the star tends to stick to. No matter your body type, age, or budget, you might just learn a thing or two — and find the solution to a future fashion dilemma — ahead.

1. You Can’t Got Wrong With a Crop-Top

Whether your bottoms are high-waisted or you’re embracing the low-rise trend like Lopez did at the Super Bowl, it’s the perfect top option for the warmer or in-between weather.

2. Hoops Are Timeless

We’ve seen a lot of earring trends come and go, but we’re certain about one thing: Hoops are always in style. Lopez has been wearing large ones for years, but tinier versions can easily work for everyday wear.

3. Show Some Leg With a Super High Slit

Every time a star walks the red carpet and pulls a powerful pose by letting their leg peek out from a thigh-high slit, it tends to make headlines. But J.Lo is the queen of this move — that first look is from 2011! — and, quite honestly, we’re wowed every time.

4. When in Doubt, Go Matchy-Matchy

It’s a quick trick that has increased in popularity over the past few years, and it’s even sweeter that it’s Lopez-approved. You could go the simple route, matching a solid top to the same colored skirt or pants, or be more daring, like how Lopez styled her snakeskin dress with snakeskin boots.

5. Know That Neutrals Can Stand Out

This lady loves to wear beige and camel tones, and we don’t blame her. She’s proven that going neutral can actually make quite the statement, especially when you style your outfit with matching shoes and accessories, or work in a few metallics.

6. Embrace Uggs

It might be considered a controversial shoe choice, but it’s Lopez’s go-to whenever she’s onset or stepping out in something casual. Considering they’re super comfy and even look great with skirts and dresses, we’re sold.

7. Go Ahead and Take the Plunge

Of course, we don’t mean every daybut on special occasions, why not reach for something sexy with a low-cut neckline? (Just make sure to pack plenty of double-sided tape.) Revisiting some of the singer’s most iconic looks, it seems that whenever she goes with a deep V-neck, she sticks with longer lengths on the bottom to provide a bit of balance.

8. Hats Can Be Fancy, Too

While we typically think of hats as casual, outdoor accessories, Lopez has worn a handful of wide-brim options on red carpets, pairing them with gowns and other sparkly designs. Between these examples and ones provided by royals (they love a hat, too), it’s at least worth testing out a beret or something floppy at a future formal event.

9. Coordinate Your Cup

Sure, it’s kind of unusual, but Lopez is constantly seen carrying around bedazzled Starbucks cups, matching them to her outfits and showing off new ones that help promote specific projects. It adds some fun, fashionable flair to an otherwise mundane item, and we’re betting it helps as a reminder to stay hydrated, too.
10. Invest in Over-the-Knee Boots

If you’re wondering if over-the-knee boots are still cool, please allow Ms. Lopez to set the record straight. She’s been wearing this shoe style for years, and is particularly fond of the color black. Considering how versatile these babies are, we don’t envision her stopping anytime soon.

11. Turtlenecks Are Actually Sexy

Especially if they’re cropped, like the ones shown here. You don’t have to show off your full stomach: Letting a little bit of skin peek through, like the outfit in the middle, is the perfect balance between playful and practical.

12. A Curve-Hugging Midi-Skirt Is a Closet Staple

We’re unsure if there’s an occasion where this piece wouldn’t work. Headed to an office? Pair it with a button-down. Going out for the night? Throw on a tank top. We’re sure that J.Lo is well aware of all this versatility, which is why she continues to keep this skirt style in rotation.

13. …And So Is a Long-Sleeved Bodycon Dress

Long, short, patterned, complete with cutouts — there are so many different variations of this one item, and all of them — all of them — are meant to make subtle, sexy statement.

14. A Belt Makes All the Difference

When loose designs are in need of a little something extra, a waist-cinching belt comes to the rescue. Lopez has used belts to accentuate her curves (and even her baby bump), and they help to make her outfits a bit more interesting, too.

15. Say Yes to Sweatsuits

And tracksuits. If these sets are styled right — like with cute accessories and a sleek pair of sneakers— they’ll come off as elevated, rather than lazy.

16. Don’t Shy Away From Sequins

Lopez doesn’t just save the sparkle for the stage (although, she does enjoy an embellished bodysuit). Rather, she wears sequins whenever she can, and frequently goes for the silver variety. Of course, she also taught us that it doesn’t need to be nighttime in order to step out in these ensembles — sequins are just as fun during the day, too.

17. Try One-Shouldered Styles

Yes, sleeves are nice and you can’t go wrong with a strapless something, but Lopez often reminds us how lovely one-shouldered designs can be, too. It’s a great way to switch things up when heading out, and the good news is, one-shouldered tops continue to trend.

18. Find Your Signature Shades

In J.Lo’s case, that would be larger-framed, ombre-colored sunglasses, which provide just enough protection year-round. But thanks to a recent Coach campaign, her signature sunglasses style can be yours.

19. Animal Prints Can Be Elevated

The key is what you pair them with. Don’t go overboard with accessories — stick with one or two statement-making extras — and try to balance it out with some solid pieces, whether it’s your shoes or the rest of your outfit.

20. Layer On Those Bracelets

When your outfit is in need of a little oomph, stacked bracelets, whether they’re a set or a mix, can do the trick. They’ll perfectly complete a wide range of outfits, from a formal gown to a casual, laid-back look.