The couple Jung Hae In and Jisoo (BLACKPINK) continued to be discovered by fans thanks to this detail.

Kim Jisoo (BlackPink) and Jung Hae In are two names that have received a lot of attention from audiences around the world after the success of the movie “Snowdrop”, broadcast at the end of 2021.

Off-screen, their friendship is also very sweet. Right from the start of the movie, Jung Hae In and Jisoo proved that they are good co-stars and very affectionate. In addition to the scenes in the movie, behind-the-scenes clips with the actor duo’s explosive chemical reactions also repeatedly raised the question of “a real fake movie”.

In particular, the interactions on social networks of Jung Hae In and Jisoo are of great interest to netizens. Recently, fans of the Snowdrop duo continued to uncover another piece of evidence, proving that the couple are secretly dating.

Specifically, Jung Hae In and Jisoo uploaded a photo of a cherry blossom tree on their personal Instagram page.

The audience immediately recognized the similarity of the two photos above, even thinking that Jung Hae In and Jisoo were taken in the same place but just from a different angle, perhaps they were walking together.

Previously, Jung Hae In’s fans also discovered that his posts on Instagram often appear with white hearts. It is worth noting that this emoticon was used by singer Kim Jisoo of BlackPink in her post.

On the other hand, the habit of adding white hearts to image captions posted by the handsome actor only appeared recently, specifically after collaborating with Jisoo in the Snowdrop project. This makes fans of both extremely excited many times, suspecting that their idol is having a “secret” relationship with their co-star. Fans are looking forward to news from both sides.

However, everything is still just speculation. Neither the two actors nor the management company have made an official statement regarding these rumors.

Regarding the project that the two stars participated in together, “Snowdrop”, although the film has ended for a long time, this work has so far left the main couple with “indelible wounds”. Specifically, they are labeled as movie stars that distort history.

Because before that, “Snowdrop” when aired was met with fierce opposition because of the scandal of distorting history. There were a series of complaints about the movie, in addition to the petition asking to stop broadcasting “Snowdrop” reached more than 200,000 signatures.

The noise of the film also greatly influenced the two main actors, especially the female lead Jisoo – Blackpink. On her personal Instagram, she was violently “terrorized” in the latest post.

Not only stopping at the controversy on social networks of the audience, “Snowdrop” once faced a bigger problem when many sponsors simultaneously withdrew their investment capital, asking the crew to delete the movie scenes related to history.

However, the latest TV station JTBC confirmed to file a criminal lawsuit with online comments accusing the drama “Snowdrop” of distorting history.

JTBC said that the subjects they sued were individuals who often spread false rumors about “Snowdrop” with bad intentions. In particular, this move of the station partly contributed to helping the cast of “Snowdrop” be vindicated after suffering a wave of malicious attacks and criticism online. In addition, the production company and some sponsors also faced serious damage.

“Snowdrop” is a TV series produced by JTBC. The film has the participation of Jung Hae In, Ji Soo (Blackpink), Yoo In Na, Kim Min Gue, Kim Hye Yoon and many other artists. The series airs from December 2021 to February.

JTBC’s strong hand also partly strengthens the audience’s belief that Jisoo – Blackpink, Jung Hae In did not choose the wrong movie to cooperate with.