Jumokbap – Korean rice balls

Korea, the land of kimchi. It is the specialness of kimchi that has made Korea famous in the world. That is the culinary culture of Korea. Besides, there are many other famous delicious dishes such as; Spicy rice cakes, grilled fish cakes… But today, we want to introduce to you Korean rice balls. This article will take you to learn about Jumokbap – Korean rice balls. This is a very special dish, creating flavor in culinary culture in Korea.

Among us, you also do not feel strange with “rice balls”. Surely you will love eating rice balls dipped in sesame salt, sold by street vendors on the streets, especially in the Northern provinces. The flavor is still there, the sticky white rice grains are tightly clenched and when eaten, the seller places them on a banana leaf. Then it is dipped in fragrant sesame salt, very delicious and does not make people feel sick. This is our Vietnamese style rice ball dish. But what will Korean-style rice balls look like? Is it different from our Vietnamese ones? And these are also the questions of all Vietnamese young people interested in cuisine in general and Korean cuisine in particular.

Korean rice balls
Similar to Vietnamese rice balls, Korean rice balls must also be balled. Korean rice ball, also known as Jumokbap, means in Korean: The word “Jummok” means “fist”, the word “bap” means “rice”. But the difference in Korean rice balls is: The rice must be thoroughly mixed and sticky. When holding rice, the rice will be mixed with chopped kimchi, salty seaweed, shreds, and sauce. These are indispensable ingredients in Korean rice balls. As for Vietnamese rice balls, you just need the rice to be soft and clenched tightly to make rice balls.

If you are a fan of Korean food, Korean rice balls are a perfect choice for those who are tired of eating spicy dishes or cannot eat them because they are too spicy. Because rice balls do not have a spicy taste but still contain Korean flavor.

Some commonly used rice balls include:

Jumeokbap hand rice ball: mix rice with eggplant, onions, crispy fried bacon, kimchi…
Tuna kimchi rice ball: rice filled with tuna and kimchi, topped with sesame seeds and seaweed pieces.
Kimbab musubi: Rice rolled with canned meat, dipped in soy sauce.