Long-legged dancer fried in fish sauce

The dish has an irresistible aroma, tastes sweet, spicy, salty, and crunchy. It can be considered a quintessential dish brought by nature.

Frogs are wild animals that often live in herds and appear all year round in fields or at the foot of mountains, most often during the rainy season. Rice clones are available all year round in the fields. When it was just dusk, they sang a chorus, so they were free to observe and capture. Local people often catch them and then dry them so they can store them at home or sell them. Because they live in the wild and cannot be raised industrially like frogs, their meat is considered very chewy and delicious and non-toxic.

To make dried frogs, after being caught, live frogs must cut off their heads, peel their skin, cut open their stomachs, pull out all their intestines, wash them carefully, marinate them with salt, pepper and a little chili to absorb evenly before drying. After drying in the sun for 2 days, the dried frog is only the size of a finger. Perhaps thanks to skillful hands and delicate processing, the imitation dried dish has become a famous delicacy. And also because of its delicious taste, drinkers have given this dried species quite beautiful and equally witty names such as “long-legged dancer”, “rich lady”…

When the imitation is still fresh, people in the West use “long-legged dancer” to crush it into balls to cook sour soup, braise with pepper, braise it with lemongrass and turmeric or cook curry… But when it becomes a dry imitation, people will process it. There are many interesting dishes like grilled or deep fried with tamarind fish sauce. However, I don’t know when, since being introduced to Saigon, “long-legged dancers” have been skillfully prepared by restaurants in a very unique and unique way like frying fish sauce.

How to make this dish is also quite simple, after the oil pan is hot, fry the dried shrimp until golden crispy. After that, fry the garlic until fragrant, add a little sugar, fish sauce, then stir-fry the fried dried cloves, combine with a few bare onions and a few onions. The dish “long-legged dancer” fried in fish sauce smells fragrant, tastes sweet, spicy, salty and crispy when eaten. It can be considered a quintessential dish brought by nature. The dish can be chewed with both bones and meat and is very interesting served with white rice or as a snack at the drinking table.

This specialty is being sought after by restaurants and eateries because it can prepare many dishes that are “untouchable”.