Luxury brands remove Blackpink Lisa’s photos on social media

High-end fashion houses Bulgari and Celine have removed photos of Lisa from Blackpink on their Weibo and Instagram accounts.

Bulgari and Celine removed the image of singer Lisa from the social networking platform Weibo, China.

According to Ifeng, all videos, photos and names of the Thai beauty currently do not exist on Weibo of Bulgari and Celine – the two brands for which she is an ambassador. On Instagram, Bulgari also deleted a series of posts related to Lisa from June until now, retaining the image of her taken with the brand’s ambassadors.

Jean-Christophe Babin – CEO of Bulgari – constantly posts pictures and videos about Lisa and praises her. But now many posts are no longer visible on his Instagram. On November 2, many viewers commented on Jean-Christophe Babin’s account, asking him why he deleted the male singer’s image. Fans also wonder whether the brand will terminate the contract with Lisa.

Previously, on November 1, Lisa’s Facebook weibo account and page in China were deleted for “alleged violation of laws and regulations of the platform”. The above move is said to be related to Lisa performing a striptease at Crazy Horse 18+ club, France. Since announcing her participation in the show, Lisa has caused controversy on social networks. Millions of people believe that the public figure has great influence and that her actions here negatively affect students’ thoughts, ways of thinking and evaluating things. They were concerned that young girls would feel “honored to undress to entertain others” because Lisa did so.

However, another opinion believes that Lisa’s programs are just simple, normal entertainment. Many fans protect the place where the beauty performs herself.

Regarding the incident, two Chinese actors Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe were also boycotted for watching Lisa’s show. They are banned from speaking and commenting on social networks.
For the past month, the two have not appeared publicly. Many entertainment bloggers believe that Angelababy and Truong Gia Nghe violated the regulations for people working in the arts field as prescribed by the authorities, including regulations that artists are not allowed to organize, attend, or advertise. promote performances, sexual shows and debauchery. In China, stripping is considered a “perverse performance”.

Lisa was born in Thailand and works mainly in Korea in the group Blackpink.
The female singer has a large fan base around the world
In 2021, Lisa ranked 17th on the list of the 20 most admired women in the world.