Moo Ping, Thailand

Moo means Pork, Ping means Roast. This is a typical Thai grilled pork skewer dish. This famous street food is often made by marinating pork with fish sauce, coriander and coconut milk, then grilled over charcoal. You can eat it plain or with sticky rice. This is a famous dish of the land of golden temples and can easily be found on the streets of Thailand, especially in Bangkok city.

Moo Ping (also known as grilled meat skewers) is a street food that is popular with many diners when coming to Thailand. I bet that anyone who once enjoys this flavor will become addicted and want to “eat” several skewers to satisfy their mouth. The meat is prepared according to a traditional recipe, the ingredients mixed with lean and fat are minced and then marinated with spices to absorb evenly. The special point is the marinade, in addition to pepper, garlic, sugar, and fish sauce, the seller also adds a little coconut water to create a rich, aromatic flavor. That’s why the dish has a much different flavor.

If the familiar grilled meats in Saigon are skewered into small round balls, the Thai version is shaped into flat, rectangular pieces. The meat skewers spread out over the charcoal stove spread a stimulating aroma. Sellers often pre-cook it and then reheat it when a customer calls. You can choose the traditional style of skewered meat or add a layer of golden cheese on top. Served with pickles, chili sauce, especially Thai standards, especially the hot coconut sticky rice.