New DiGiorno Thanksgiving pizza packs all the turkey day flavors

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t traditionally include pizza, but one frozen food brand is introducing a progressive take on the turkey day feast, packing all the staple tastes into one Detroit-style crust.

DiGiorno  announced its latest innovation for the holiday season on Wednesday with its first-ever Thanksgiving Pizza.

The creation may be atypical, but is bound to find fans regardless: Some 68% of Americans say they secretly dislike a classic Thanksgiving dish, but eat it out of tradition anyway, according to a 2019 survey conducted by Instacart.

This year, DiGiorno decided to give consumers a unique take on the holiday’s most iconic dishes in one oven-ready pie – no hours long prep work in the kitchen required.

The limited-time creation is made with turkey, creamy gravy sauce, diced sweet potatoes, green beans and cranberries, and topped with mozzarella, cheddar cheese and crispy onion topping.

“From Friendsgiving parties to Turkey Day tables, we’re thrilled to provide a bold new way to appreciate the traditional Thanksgiving spread,” Kimberly Holowiak, senior brand manager for DiGiorno, said in a statement. “Our passion is pizza, and we are always looking for unique ways to infuse the fresh-baked taste of DIGIORNO into moments of celebration — even the most traditional holiday dinners.”

Since Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations extend beyond one day with family or friends, DiGiorno is marketing the Thanksgiving Pizza as an easy way to enjoy a taste of the classic seasonal flavors at any time.

“The DIGIORNO Thanksgiving Pizza makes it easy to enjoy however you celebrate, whether that means watching football at home or scrolling the latest holiday deals, by combining the classic flavors of Thanksgiving into one oven-ready pie,” the brand said in a press release Monday.

DiGiorno will release a limited number of Thanksgiving Pizzas exclusively online for $11.23. The pies will be released every Wednesday from Nov. 1-22.

Pizza fanatics can visit the DiGiorno website to shop for the specialty pie on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.