Paige Spiranac explains why her breasts keep growing: It’s a magical thing

Spiranac acknowledged how weight gain is a factor in her breasts getting bigger

Paige Spiranac held a Q&A session on social media and was asked if she ever gets annoyed of people wondering if her breasts are natural. The golf influencer went into detail about why they keep growing.

Spiranac, 30, acknowledged how weight gain is a factor in her breasts getting bigger, but also explained why they seemingly change in size every now and then.

“They’ve actually gotten a lot bigger, and so I can see a lot of people being confused by like when I first started this,” Spiranac said. “I’ve always had, like, a chest, but not like this. And it’s because I’ve gained weight and I’ve talked about all those reasons.

“But I can see why people question it, and they’re confused sometimes because it’s like, one week they’re here and one week they’re there and, like, next year they’re here and it’s like, what is going on? I don’t know. I don’t know.

“It’s just that the human body is a magical thing.”

Paige Spiranac wants to change fashion in golf

Spiranac has always been trying to change fashion in golf to go from the current formal attire to more athletic wear, previously stating how her outfits often rub people the wrong way.

“That was always my mindset when I got into golf, and it really rubs people the wrong way, which is shocking,” Spiranac said. “They’ll have really intense discussions over if they should wear shorts or pants or a blade collar or a real collar, and I’m just out here just in tank tops or spandex and people are like, ‘What are you doing?’ But I love it.

“But we’re starting to see that change and fashion is a big part of growing the game, and it’s moving in the right direction.”

Spiranac produced exclusive content for her hardcore fans in which she models 31 Halloween costumes.