Palia Update Adds New Customization Options, Starstones, and More

The new update for Palia brings an array of exciting enhancements, including new customization options, the introduction of Starstones, and much more.


  •  Palia, an MMORPG inspired by beloved titles like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, has released an exciting update that adds new features and customization options to its virtual world.
  •  The update introduces Starstones, unique gems that can be collected through mining and used for gifting or selling in-game.
  •  The update also includes expanded character customization options, enhancements to homebuilding, new furniture sets, and fixes for known issues.


Palia, an MMORPG that draws inspiration from beloved titles like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, has introduced an exciting update that brings a wealth of new features and customization options to its ever-expanding virtual world. With this recent update, players of Palia can expect to explore a deeper level of personalization and engagement, including the introduction of Starstones and much more.

Developed by Singularity 6, a studio comprising former talents from industry giants like Blizzard and Riot, Palia has steadily garnered attention since its announcement in 2021. Palia offers players an expansive open world brimming with activities such as crafting, farming, and resource gathering. Simultaneously, it encourages players to engage with a captivating cast of villagers and their real-life friends. When the game was unveiled, Palia also piqued the interest of Asmongold, a popular streamer known for his content focused on massively multiplayer online role-playing games. He expressed that it seemed like the game could introduce some refreshing ideas to the genre.

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Palia entered beta testing in August 2023, and developer Singularity 6 recently introduced a substantial update, version 0.172, to the game in November. This update brings a host of exciting changes and additions for Palians to explore. Notably, it expands the character customization options available to Palians, including 8 new skin tones, 16 more face options, 14 additional eye color choices, 11 new hairstyles, 8 more hair color options, 9 facial hair options, and 3 new glasses styles, which can be accessed at Jel’s shop.

Moreover, this update introduces a new incentive for mining activities through the introduction of Starstones, unique gems of various rarities that can be collected while mining in Palia. These Starstones can be utilized by gifting them to villagers on a weekly basis or selling them in exchange for Palia‘s in-game gold. The gold earned from this can then be used to expand and enhance homebuilding, with significant improvements made to the homebuilding limits. These enhancements encompass an increase in the limit for placeable items from 2,000 to 3,000, and a raise in the limit for total housing add-ons from 15 to 30. Additionally, players can now place multiple Main Houses on the same plot of land.

Furthermore, Singularity 6 has unveiled new furniture sets, inspired by items discovered in Rummaging Piles left behind by chapaas. The availability of Palium nodes in Bahari Bay has been enhanced, offering greater opportunities for players, and fishing enthusiasts in Palia will experience improved hotspots and faster respawn rates in the area. The developers have also addressed and resolved more than 50 known issues in this patch, further enhancing the gaming experience.