PUBG: Even the world finals still have game bugs, the end of a masterpiece is not far away

PUBG’s publisher certainly still has a lot to do after this incident.

About two years ago, when mentioning PUBG, most of us would immediately think of a masterpiece of the survival game industry – a monument and a game that opened a new trend in the world gaming market. But now, over time, this name is only filled with incidents, complaints, complaints as well as negative comments from players, gamers, streamers and the whole community, which is very friendly. PUBG loyalty.

And recently, another incident just happened at the PUBG Global Championship – perhaps the largest tournament in the PUBG tournament system in the world with the reward for the champion not simply a trophy but That is more than 3 million USD, equivalent to about 70 billion VND in gifts as well as the title of the strongest team in the world at the present time. Invested and organized quite professionally, thoroughly both in terms of quality and audio-visual, but no one, from the organizers, gamers to viewers, can expect that PUBG’s bugs still appear here. , even live on air.

Specifically, a serious car error occurred shortly after the match took place and the victims were definitely the members of The Rumblers team – a PUBG team from North America. Bugs are nothing new, they have been complained about for a long time by the player community, but Bluehole still seems to ignore them. It is known that while the unfortunate gamer CherryPoppins was looting in the area around Hacienda, he drove straight into a house. Normally, this action is not serious, at most the player only loses blood due to impact. However, over here, CherryPoppins flew in the middle of the galaxy, hovered with the car, then fell and exploded.

Boom, CherryPoppins died, and the members of The Rumblers had to play without players right from the first minutes of the match. Although the death occurred in a very early stage of the match, no miracle happened, the organizers had no intention of rematching and The Rumblers still had to fight with only 3 members, leading to the final ranking. Their performance is not good at all because of one silly mistake. Fortunately, The Rumblers still made it to the final round, otherwise PUBG’s scandal would have been even bigger. And the guy himself also complained on his personal page: “Imagine the scene where you encounter a game error and cause you to be eliminated in a tournament worth 3 million dollars.”

Remember, this is not the first time PUBG bugs and errors have appeared in tournaments of this game. Errors such as flying cars, seeing through walls, and shooting people from unimaginable distances still exist and greatly affect the results of teams. And if these bugs and errors are not quickly fixed, PUBG being recognized as an eSports is probably still very far away.