PUBG Mobile – mobile game is ‘causing fever’ worldwide

This survival game topped Android and iOS game charts in many countries, with tens of millions of downloads after just two weeks of launch.

A product of Tencent (China), the game company with the largest revenue in the world, the game has content based on the famous computer survival game called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), produced by a Korean company. Developed country.

In this game, gamers alone or in cooperation with others will compete on a large island. Each battle will have 100 participants, relying on collecting weapons and equipment scattered across the island to destroy other people or teams. The final position on the leaderboard will determine the rewards and experience each player receives.

Compared to the famous computer version, PUBG Mobile has the most detailed and accurate simulation graphics compared to other games following this popular game series. However, it also has some unique features that make the game different from the original version.

The first is the addition of a system of tasks and rewards based on login day, as well as the process of accumulating daily tasks. Players can use them to get costumes for their own characters. Besides, there is a clan system (Crew) that helps players keep in touch with other gamers who they have played with in matches. This group is separate from the gamer’s friend system, making these lists no longer cluttered.

The map interface in the game has also been changed and refined to suit players on mobile devices, who can move and act while still being able to observe the entire island. Zooming in and out of the map is only displayed on half of the screen. The markers on the small map are also clear and frequently change to match the rhythm of the game.

Finally, the automatic item pickup system also helps gamers have more hands-free time when controlling the character by prioritizing high-end equipment over what the player currently owns. When equipment suitable for the weapon is found, it will be automatically installed. All changes are made to simplify the original game, allowing players to simply and comfortably experience this survival game on their mobile devices.

After half a month of release, the game is still at the top of the App Store and Google Play charts in dozens of countries, with tens of millions of downloads. Vietnamese players also account for a large number, with the clearest evidence being the large gamer groups on social networks. In addition, it is not difficult to find a Vietnamese account name on the Asian server of this mobile game.

According to Kotaku, one of the factors that made the game interesting and attractive to many players at the time of launch was the existence of a bot system. These are virtual characters, controlled by the system to participate in battles like real players. Of course, they cannot compare in intelligence to humans, so they are easily defeated. This gives gamers a better chance of winning a 100-player match, something that is very unlikely on the computer version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where all opponents are real people.

However, the manufacturer said these “robots” only appear at low levels to stimulate players to compete and practice. They will gradually disappear as gamers level up and have higher operating levels.

“Wonderful! Mobile games like this get 9/10 points, only losing to PUBG on PC. Simply because on computers with high configuration, detailed graphics and easier controls on mobile,” one person said. Use Vietnamese to comment on Google Play.

“At first when I found out there was a mobile version, I was disappointed. Fortunately, after installing it, I was satisfied. The graphics are beautiful and detailed, everything works smoothly, the interface is good and the gameplay is good. offers a good experience compared to games of the same genre. However, the reality is that many people connect a keyboard and mouse to their phone or iPad. That creates an unfair advantage with games mobile players. This game is completely worth 1 GB of space on your device,” one player commented on the App Store.

However, the game also has disadvantages in that it requires Android version 5.1.1 or more and 2 GB of RAM or more on Android devices. Also recommended for iOS devices is iPhone 6 or later.