Raw meat dish in Türkiye (Çiğ köfte)

Cig Kofte is known as the most delicious raw meat dish in the world with a spicy taste that will make you remember it forever. This is considered a specialty of this land and is also a test of spicy eating skills for visitors. Please consider carefully before trying this dish in Istanbul Türkiye because it is really spicy.

Cig Kofte is made from raw meat, mixed with basil, lemon and cherry tomatoes. It is usually sold with meat sticks about 10cm long. And the meat will be served with Turkish flatbread, pomegranate seed oil, salad and spicy sauce. You can find them in the Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar.

This is a well-known street food in Turkey because of its uniqueness as well as the spicy “challenge” it brings to anyone who wants to try it.