Rumor has it that Lisa and the billionaire’s son broke up amidst the noise, Chinese media revealed their current relationship

Although Lisa (BLACKPINK) and billionaire Frédéric Arnault’s son have not confirmed, netizens are sure that the couple is dating. The period of dating the “crown prince” of the LVMH brand empire marked many transformations for Lisa, from publicly posting bikini photos, pursuing a sexier style and culminating in a striptease performance at Crazy Horse nightclub.

This decision caused Lisa to be secretly “killed” in the Chinese market. Her Weibo account “flew without wings”, Weibo 2 luxury brands also removed their images. At this time, suspicions arose that Lisa and Frédéric Arnault had broken up, so the male CEO could not save his rumored girlfriend amid the noise. Immediately after that, Chinese media clarified the current relationship of the youngest member of BLACKPINK and the son of the second richest billionaire in the world. According to Sina, The couple is still dating and has never broken up.

There are suspicions that Lisa and the son of a luxury goods billionaire have “gone their separate ways”.

But soon after, Sina website confirmed that the couple was still dating

Lisa and Frédéric Arnault’s dating rumors started appearing in May, when the couple was spotted in a cafe in France. The 26-year-old female idol is also said to go on vacation with her boyfriend’s family right after finishing the concert Born Pink At Hanoi. The couple was seen together many times, such as at events, luxury lounges at the airport and nightclubs where Lisa performed a striptease.

According to the news site News, Lisa’s rumored boyfriend came to watch his girlfriend perform a strip show late on September 30. Previously, it was also said that he and his billionaire family had come to see this show on September 28-29. Viewers watching the show recalled that in the fourth performance, Lisa took off the black silk tied to her bra and threw it down on her rumored boyfriend, making the whole audience excited and screaming loudly. In addition, throughout these performances, Frédéric Arnault sat quite calmly and only applauded when Lisa appeared. There is even information that Frédéric Arnault has returned to Thailand to meet the parents of the youngest member BLACKPINK.

Rumor has it that Lisa and the billionaire's son broke up amidst the noise, Chinese media revealed their current relationship - Photo 4.

Frédéric Arnault was spotted accompanying Lisa in the airport lounge…

Lisa is currently the focus of the media due to suspicion of being “assassinated” by China. If Lisa loses the huge support resources from China, her career will certainly be greatly affected. In addition, brands may also be afraid to cooperate with Lisa because she is not popular in a highly profitable market like China.

But many fans think that the situation is not that worrying because Lisa can switch to operating in the European and American markets, even marry Frédéric Arnault and become the second richest bride in the world.

Lisa is in danger of losing the Chinese market