Russian Astrakhan salted dried fish

“If you are Russian and don’t like Vobla and beer, then you are not Russian” is a very familiar proverb to Russians or those who have come to Russia to study and travel. Vobla in the above proverb is Vobla Astrakhan dried fish. This type of dried fish is not only famous in the land of Aries but is also known as the most delicious dried fish in the world.

Things to know about Vobla Astrakhan Russian dried fish
Astrakhan is a typical Russian fish, it often lives in the estuaries of the Astrakhan River, located at the last point of the romantic Volga River. During the growing season around April, these fish will follow the large water current and swim upstream to reproduce.

In the past, when no one knew about Astrakhan dried fish, during the breeding season, these fish followed the water flow deep into the salt mines. When the water goes down, many fish get stuck here, salted, and exposed to the sun to dry naturally. Since then, the indigenous people here have learned how to salt fish and helped Russia have a famous specialty dish like it is now.

What makes Astrakhan dried fish special?
There are many customers who come to KHOCA who have had the opportunity to study, work or travel in Russia. They shared with us that “Russia is vast, but when we return home, the thing we miss most is the Vobla Astrakhan dried fish.” Indeed, this is a type of dried fish that is likened to Vietnamese durian fruit. When we first try it, we will find it quite difficult to eat, but once we have eaten it, its unique taste will make us remember it forever.

The special thing about this type of dried astrakhan fish is that when enjoying it, we can eat everything, including fish bones or skin. Believe it or not, when you buy fish, you won’t need to miss any part because every part of this dried fish is guaranteed to be extremely delicious.

How to eat Vobla Astrakhan dried fish properly
If you have never enjoyed this Russian dried fish specialty before, you will probably be quite confused when eating it. So KHOCA will show you how to eat Vobla Astrakhan Russian dried fish in the simplest way as follows.

First, use a knife and cut a line along the fish’s spine, extending from the tail to the fish’s head. Next, slowly peel the fish skin off the meat. The characteristic of this fish is that the skin is very tough so we can peel off the entire skin very easily. Then you break the fish’s head and tear off the fish’s 2 fins to easily separate the fish meat.

We can dip the fish meat with chili fish sauce or chili sauce… to enjoy immediately. The fish skin will have a lot of fish oil attached to it, so you just need to use a lighter to light it and you will have an ideal drinking bait. Fish bones and fish bladders can be fried or grilled and then enjoyed immediately.

According to most customers, Vobla Astrakhan Russian dried fish is best enjoyed at the drinking table. When we sit with friends, sipping fish and meat with a bottle of vodka, there’s nothing better. You will feel the spicy taste of wine, the salty taste of salt and the characteristic sweetness of fish meat. This is an unforgettable, addictive combination of flavors.