Showing up like he’s going to an event, teasing reporters and even posting ironic philosophies

Over the past week, the suspicion of G-Dragon using drugs has been the hottest topic, causing a stir in the Korean entertainment industry. From the famous “king of Kpop”, G-Dragon was heavily criticized by the public and had his advertisements removed by brands. G-Dragon faces the risk of losing his 17-year career, and BIGBANG’s reputation is also damaged.

On November 6, G-Dragon proactively presented himself at the Nonhyeon Police Station and cooperated in the investigation with the police. Notably, from the moment he appeared until he left, G-Dragon not only affirmed his innocence but also continuously showed confidence and defiance. In particular, G-Dragon’s triumphant smile as he left, the male rapper’s conversation with reporters, and the male idol’s first post on Instagram all made the public stir.

G-Dragon confidently asserted his innocence and proactively presented himself to the police

G-Dragon teased the reporter, smiling, causing a stir on social media

After 4 hours of investigation, G-Dragon finally received negative drug test results. On the way out, the male idol smiled extremely confident and victorious. This smile quickly caused a storm on social networks, becoming a “meme”. BIGBANG’s leader even imitated the body contortions shown in the denunciation clips and confidently teased reporters.

When asked by reporters: “You were investigated for 4 hours today, right? Can you tell us which part they investigated?, G-Dragon replied: “Laugh for a while and you’re done.” The male idol gave a not-so-serious answer that left the reporter confused: “Can you repeat that?” then get the answer: “One laugh and it’s over, yes I’m just kidding”. The male idol even stroked his hair and turned sideways when asked: “You assert your innocence, will you change your stance?”. In particular, part of the BIGBANG leader’s answer left the reporter speechless, with nothing left to say: “Well… If it changes, it wouldn’t be very good, right?”.

G-Dragon received negative drug test results and confidently faced the media when he left

The famous male idol’s victorious smile quickly caused a stir on social networks

BIGBANG’s leader is so confident in himself that he can comfortably tease reporters

G-Dragon’s answer sparked a lot of controversy on social networks. Many people criticized G-Dragon for showing a condescending attitude and disregard for authorities. Some people believe that the male idol wants to get back at the media for posting negative news about the male idol last week. But there are also opinions that it is the confident aura of an innocent person.

When it was time to get out of the car, G-Dragon walked as if he was attending an event, whistled happily and bowed to reporters. G-Dragon’s performance received special attention from Korean netizens, scrutinizing every gesture and word. Even the glasses that G-Dragon wore were quickly sold out because many people were looking to buy them.

G-Dragon happily left, going to the police as if he were going to an event

The male idol even bowed 90 degrees to greet the reporter

Philosophical post challenges the accusation?

On social networks, G-Dragon also posted a philosophical article to reassure fans. Although he did not directly mention the suspicion of drug use, this is said to be the male idol’s implicit denial of this accusation, even sarcastically: “Common sense will definitely prevail. Everything will eventually return to its rightful place. At first, it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. False information can temporarily prevail, with the majority responding. But what happens? This won’t last long and everything will definitely return to its rightful place.”

Many fans support G-Dragon, stating that BIGBANG’s leader’s confident attitude comes from his negative drug test result. However, there are also many netizens who believe that nothing is certain and must wait until the final results of the police investigation. Before G-Dragon, there were Yoochun and BI (iKON) who swore innocently but ended up still in trouble.