Sprouted pebbles – A unique specialty that seems to exist only in fairy tales, causing curiosity for visitors

Hau Giang specialties cause curiosity for all visitors

No one knows exactly when pebbles first appeared, but this dish is a very unique specialty that can only be found in the Hau Giang river region. When hearing the name “germ gravel”, everyone will surely be curious. In fact, this name comes from the way of processing, not the cooking ingredients.

When ordering sprouted gravel, diners will enjoy wild boar meat prepared in a special way. Each meal includes 3-4 very hot pebbles, used to grill wild boar meat. Therefore, some people also call sprouted pebbles grilled wild boar with pebbles.

In Hau Giang specialty dishes, sprouted pebbles are not a sophisticated dish, but if they lack pebbles, the dish will lose its soul. And to make a complete dish of sprouted gravel, the main ingredients are wild boar meat and the talented hands of the chef along with spices to marinate the meat.

The meat must be wild boar raised by ethnic people on hills and mountains, weighing only 5-15kg. Because only pigs like that can produce delicious, low-fat pieces of meat, suitable for making sprouts.

After slaughter, pigs are processed and hung up to drain. According to the experience of Hau Giang people, to keep the rich and fresh taste of the meat, you should not wash it with water but dry it with a clean towel.

By doing so, the meat will not become mushy but will retain its firmness. After that, the chef will slice the meat evenly to a moderate thinness and then marinate it with spices for about 15 minutes so that the meat is evenly absorbed. Thus, the ingredients have been prepared and the cooking part will be done by the diners.

The way to enjoy Hau Giang specialties is also extremely special

Sprouted gravel is not only strange in name, but the way to enjoy it is also very special. The dish is brought to the table gradually, first is a pebble plate, heated pebbles are placed on a fig leaf in the center of the plate, surrounded by many types of raw vegetables such as: shredded cabbage, salad. spleen, herbs, fresh chili. Finally, the chef brought up a plate of seasoned wild boar meat.

To enjoy this Hau Giang specialty, diners just need to spread the meat evenly on the gravel to grill, the heat from the gravel will help cook the meat. Listen to the sizzling sound of hot gravel and fat flowing down from the meat until you see the sweet aroma following the thin smoke reaching your sense of smell, the piece of pork is golden brown, filled with the extremely attractive scent of marinated spices.

After being grilled, the meat is rolled with raw vegetables and dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce. The fragrant sweetness of meat, the cool taste of vegetables, the rich sour taste of chili sauce mixed together, and the airy space of the Western river region have created a Hau Giang specialty dish on the rustic culinary map. yet delicate, rustic yet unique.

The deliciousness of sprouted gravel is a combination of the chewy, sweet taste of wild boar meat, cool green vegetables, rich dipping sauce, and the enjoyment of diners while waiting for the meat to cook on the gravel. If you have the opportunity to experience Hau Giang specialties, don’t miss this unique but extremely attractive dish.