Thai Spicy Ribs – A dish with Southeast Asian flavors

Spicy ribs (Laeng Saeb) is a dish that is not only loved by locals but also intrigues tourists to Thailand.

Thailand is the return choice of many tourists. This December, Thailand will welcome its 10 millionth international visitor, exceeding the target set at the beginning of the year.

Cuisine is one of the main reasons that attract tourists to Thailand. In addition to traditional dishes such as tom yum soup, grilled meat skewers, sontum… spicy ribs are also chosen by many customers.

Spicy ribs or giant spicy ribs, is how tourists call Laeng Saeb. You can see this dish in both restaurants and night markets. One of the most famous addresses is Rod Fai Ratchada market, right behind Season Square, Bangkok.

The main ingredients of the dish are pork bones and ribs, simmered until tender, but still retaining the sweetness. The ribs are stacked on a plate, then drizzled with sauce. The sauce is made from bone broth, adding spices such as lemongrass, cilantro, onions and especially green chili. The sauce taste is slightly sour, similar to tom yum, but richer. Spicy green chili may make you wince the first time you taste it, but it will be easy to get used to. If you can’t eat spicy food, ask the staff to reduce the chili when ordering.
From about 6pm until late at night, the food court in Rod Fai Ratchada market is always crowded, making you have to line up and wait 30 minutes to 1 hour. Here, ribs are divided into 4 sizes including M, L, XL and XXL, depending on the number of people and appetite.

If you go with a large group of people, you should order an XXL portion of Laeng Saeb for about 600 baht. This meal is suitable for groups of 4 or more. Before eating, use a spoon to pour the sauce over the ribs to add richness. Additionally, you can use white rice with spicy ribs.
Spicy ribs are a must-try dish in Thailand. If you can’t eat spicy food, the dish will lose its most important flavor, the spicier the better. You have to go in a large group to eat to enjoy it. Eating and inhaling while drinking Thai beer will make the atmosphere happier
To get to Rod Fai Ratchada market, the fastest way is to take a taxi or Grab. Visitors can also use public transportation, the most popular being BTS (skytrain) or MRT (subway). From Bangkok, visitors go to the BTS Nana station to buy tickets and go to Sala Daeng. From Sala Deang, take the MRT subway to the stop at the Thailand Cultural Center and exit at gate 3 to Rod Fai Ratchada market. .

Rod Fai Night Market is famous for its many stalls of handicrafts, souvenirs, fashion clothes and accessories. This place is also a “culinary paradise” with most typical Thai dishes.