The internet was astonished by an iron sphere washed up on the shores of Japan, sparking conspiracy theories about UFOs, Godzilla’s egg, and Xayda’s spacecraft flooding social media

The city of Hamamatsu, Japan, along with the police and locals, is puzzled by a large iron sphere that was discovered on the Enshu coast earlier this week. Measuring approximately 1.5 meters in diameter, the sphere, orange-brown in color with dark rust patches, was spotted on the beach just a few meters away from the shore by a local woman. Authorities admitted they don’t know what it is but assured that it’s not explosive.

Initial concerns suggested it might be a mine or naval mine that has been defused. Yet, after experts used X-ray technology to inspect the object and found it hollow, they ruled out any links to foreign espionage activities.

Some experienced individuals noted the presence of two handles on the sphere’s surface, suggesting it might have been connected to another object, proposing a more straightforward explanation. They believed it was just a washed-up buoy.

Many memes about iron balls are spreading on the Internet. Internet photo

However, Japanese officials sealed off the area, calling in explosives experts in protective gear for further investigation. Reports indicated authorities still haven’t determined the sphere’s origin or its nature.

A local jogger who frequents the beach expressed surprise at the sudden attention to the object. “It’s been there for a month,” he told NHK. “I tried to push it, but it doesn’t budge.”

Nevertheless, online communities refused to accept simple explanations. Many opinions likened it to Xayda’s spacecraft from the famous comic book Dragon Ball, while others speculated it to be a UFO fallen from the sky.

Images and videos related to the iron sphere sparked a wave of new conspiracy theories on social media. One of the recent popular theories is that it might be Godzilla’s egg. However, some argued it could be a dragon’s egg.

Presently, the iron sphere is being transferred to a local facility and will be destroyed if left unclaimed.