The Still Surviving Curly Hair Of An Egyptian PharaohQueen Who Died At The Age Of 60 3,500 Years Ago.

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The still surviving curly hair of an Egyptian pharaoh queen who died at the age of 60 3,500 years ago.

Queen Tiye’s hair became a meme on Facebook at the time of the Golden Parade because of her luscious curly locks, well preserved after more than 3,000 years.

It is also worth mentioning that the queen, mother to famous pharaoh Akhenaten, died at 60 years of age. Images of her mummy spread on social media before being transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the Museum of Civilization in Fustat on April 3.

Black, long, beautifully curled, Queen Tiye’s hair dazzled her granddaughters on social media, who begged for her hair routine. But it’s no secret. The ancient Egyptians cared so much for their hair, and indeed had particular hair routines.

Combs, hair cream jars and curling tongs have been found in several tombs. Hair samples show that the Egyptians used castor oil, almond oil and scented oils, as well as animal fat to keep their curls in place and to protect the hair from Egypt’s dry weather.

Scenes of women combing their hair or their daughters’ hair are depicted on walls and papyrus.

Curly hair has been having a strong comeback in Egypt in recent years, and with all the ancient Egyptian craze, it is expected to have even more popularity.