The two-colored cat with eyes makes an impression at first sight

Photographer Bobby Pfeiffer was extremely impressed with the appearance and adorable personality of this two-colored cat.

Usually when mentioning the concept of mutation, people will think of deformed creatures with unusual shapes. But a cat living in Lovech, Bulgaria has a lovely face because it has a different eye color on each side.

The person who took the photo of this two-colored cat with eyes is photographer Bobby Pfeiffer. He was very surprised when he discovered this special cat. In addition to two-colored eyes, this cat also has paralyzed hind legs. Therefore, the owner often has to take care of it and carry it to the garden to breathe fresh air.

Photographer Bobby was not only impressed by this cat’s special eyes but also by its gentle and sweet nature.
It is known that this cat has a genetic mutation called Multicolored Pupils. This is a disease that causes the pupils to have two different colors. Science has recorded many cases of this mutation in both humans and animals. Polychromatic pupils occur when an individual has too much or too little complex melanin – the component that creates pigment in the body.