Transparent frog

With transparent skin, you can clearly see the internal organs, or even the heartbeat of these frogs. Recently, scientists discovered and stored about 60 mutated frogs in Krasnouralsk town, in the central Tyumen region of Russia. It is known that these creatures mutated with transparent skin, able to see through their internal organs, bones, and even the beating of their hearts. He shared: “Their eyes are completely black and the internal organs inside their bodies can be seen easily. If you pay a little attention, you can also see the heartbeat of the animal.” them too”. According to experts, the cause of this phenomenon is heavy pollution in water sources – where this amphibian species resides.

According to him, toxic chemicals may have leaked into the environment, seeped into the ground or flowed down the rivers here. And that’s what causes amphibians to mutate. Most likely, these mutations appear in larvae, parasites that penetrate tadpoles and gradually develop into froglets. Scientists say that with the current environmental pollution, it is likely that many species of creatures – not just this frog species – will become more mutated and scarier than before. Therefore, we need to seriously protect our living environment right now.