Two-faced cat

Frank and Louie, sometimes known as Frankenlouie, was a two-faced cat (also known as a “janus” or “two-faced” cat) known for his age. abnormal life. It was declared by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest living two-faced cat. This cat is truly a creature worth admiring. The two faces of the cat are named Frank and Louie respectively. This cat has two faces on the same head. Normally, most cats with this type of mutation will not survive long, but Frank and Louie proved the opposite. They have lived a full life when they reach their 12th birthday.

The kittens were not initially expected to live more than a few days, as two-faced animals typically die within that time frame. Veterinary nurse Martha “Marty” Stevens took the kitten home to care for him and eventually nursed him to 3 months. Frank and Louie eventually learned to feed themselves and “thrived”. Frank and Louie were born with one brain, but two faces, two mouths, two noses and three blue eyes. It only has one functional mouth, however the other is born without a lower jaw. It has an esophagus, connected to the mouth by both jaws. Frankenlouie’s circumstances were beyond veterinarians’ expectations.