Uneаrthіng hundredѕ of 2,000-yeаr-old wаrrіorѕ mаkeѕ аrchаeologists hарріer thаn fіndіng gold, ѕіlver аnd jewelѕ

According to Dailymail (UK), 120 warrior statues made of terracotta have been excavated. It is known that in 1974 and 1985, searches and excavations were also conducted but without results.

Archaeological experts said that these statues were buried with the king of the Qin Dynasty in the third century BC. In addition to the 120 warrior statues, there are 310 other artifacts such as war drums, shields, crossbows, etc.

To excavate all of these statues in about 200 square meters, experts expect it will take three years to complete.