Vietnamese singer opens pho restaurant in Shanghai

Singer Chi Pu has recently launched an eatery in the center of Shanghai, which serves Vietnamese dishes including beef pho, bagel twists, poached eggs, and lotus tea.

After coming sixth in the Chinese reality show “Sisters Who Make Waves,” the singer has promoted herself in China. Chi Pu, 30, is an actress and pop singer. She was honored on the Forbes’ list of the Asia Pacific’s 100 most influential digital stars in 2020.
She made her debut on the Chinese market with her appearance in “Sisters Who Make Waves,” a famous reality show in China. Her musical performances throughout the show gained a lot of attention from local audiences, and she took sixth place.

Named “La Ganh” (Carrying Poles), the singer’s restaurant has been running on soft opening since late-September. It is expected to officially launch in October, after China’s National Day holiday.
It is located in one of the most crowded neighborhoods in Shanghai’s Jingan District.

Chi Pu showed up at her restaurant and served the customers herself.
Many Weibo and Xiaohongshu users have uploaded pictures of themselves at the restaurant, showing how the eatery has been managing to captivate local hearts.

Chi Pu explained that her restaurant’s name was inspired by the carrying poles, an item frequently seen on Vietnamese streets.

As the eatery is still in its soft opening period, only a part of the official menu is available, including beef pho, bagel twists, poached eggs, and hot or iced lotus tea.

Lotus tea is a commonly served drink in Chi Pu’s hometown Hanoi.

Spices that are often added to pho, including garlic vinegar, chili sauce, and fresh chopped chili, are also available at the restaurant.

A Weibo user who visited the restaurant wrote: “The broth is made by simmering ox bones for between six and eight hours. Its flavor is wonderful. You should have your poached eggs before having pho. Pho is better when a little garlic vinegar is added, and the [place’s] chili sauce is made with a special recipe.”

The restaurant is often “fully booked.” The interior design shares similarities with Japanese-style noodle eateries, with a common table placed in the center of the room and surrounded by seats for guests.

Chi Pu added touches of uniqueness to the interior design by using lights that take the shape of Vietnamese traditional conical hats.
It is reported that various souvenir items will also be available for sale at the restaurant after its official launch in October.

The name of the Vietnamese dish was integrated in a lighting design saying “beauti-pho.”

The owner of another pho store said in May that Chi Pu dropped by her eatery, took photos, and gave her signature on the eatery’s menu. The Vietnamese singer also said dishes served at the restaurant were of high quality.