What is animal rain? Know instances when animals rained from sky

Have you heard of the phrase ‘raining cats and dogs’? Well, this phrase is applicable to a rare rain phenomenon where animals fall from the sky.

As reported by ABP News, people living in Jagtial town recently woke up to ‘fish rain’, which is kind of a rare animal rain phenomenon.

Let us tell you more about the ‘animal rain’ phenomenon.

What is animal rain phenomenon?

The rare animal rain phenomenon occurs when small water animals like crabs, frogs and fishes are swept into waterspouts. Such incidents have been recorded several times in many countries across the globe.

First occurrence of animal rain phenomenon

The origins of animal rain phenomenon have evolved infrequently in the years gone by. The occurrence was first reported in the first century AD when the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder documented storms of fish and frogs.

More instances of animal rain

Most of the animals that are a part of this rain phenomenon are flightless aquatic animals.

In 2005, the northwestern Serbia witnessed thousands of frogs raining down on Odzaci town as strong winds carried the animals.

In 2009, tadpoles were reported to be a part of the animal rain phenomenon in Japan.

In 2017, students in California were hit by raining fish while they were playing outside during recess.

In 2021, East Texas also witnessed the bizarre occurrence as residents in Texarkana reported seeing fish raining from the sky.

What do you think of this rare phenomenon?