Why a Channel Seven cricket ad left Nathan Lyon and his wife in a state of shock: ‘I couldn’t believe it’

Veteran Australian spin bowler Nathan Lyon has revealed that an ad for Channel Seven’s cricket coverage sparked a very awkward conversation between him and wife Emma after they were left shocked by the footage.

The commercial, which aired during the AFL grand final this year, suggested that this summer’s Test series against Pakistan will be the last time Aussie fans get to see Lyon and his teammates David Warner, Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja in action.

Lyon, who is intent on carrying on his career until 2027, was flabbergasted.

‘I was very surprised,’ Lyon told the Sydney Morning Herald. 

‘Emma, my wife, said, “Have you got something to tell me?”, to which I said “no”. So I couldn’t believe it, but it’s only promo stuff. I’ve definitely reset some goals and changed the finish line.

Nathan Lyon says an advert for Channel Seven that implied he would be retiring soon sparked a very awkward conversation between him and his wife Emma (pictured together)
The Channel Seven advert delivered by actor Richard Roxburgh (pictured) suggested that the upcoming Test series against Pakistan will be the last time Aussie fans will get to see Lyon, David Warner, Steve Smith and Usman Khawaja in action

‘When I came home [from the Ashes] I struggled a fair bit watching the guys in the last three games, just mentally. 

‘Seeing them and how the games were going and knowing you could potentially play a massive role in being the difference. 

‘But being at home, watching the AFL grand final, the NRL grand final, allowing me to refresh and rehab … made me hungrier than ever before to get back. 

‘Watching those finals, seeing the jubilation of the celebrations and the heartbreak of the guys who’d lost, it just reignited a little flame inside and made it burn a lot brighter.’

Lyon told reporters on Monday exactly how tough it was to end his Ashes campaign early.

‘I was in a very dark place while the Ashes were still on,’ Lyon said.

‘The last three games sitting at home, I found it very hard.’

Lyon says his injured calf is now stronger than it’s ever been, and so is his drive to play cricket.

The Aussie veteran says he has every intention of playing through until 2027
Lyon has revealed that he struggled mentally after being sent home from the Ashes series early after suffering a calf injury
The cricketing cult hero had a baby with wife Emma this year

‘It’s probably extended it [my drive] to be honest . I’ve always said I wanted to win in India and England and I haven’t been able to do that, so it looks like we’ve got to go again,’ Lyon said. 

In the meantime, he’s enjoying watching the Aussies compete in the ODI World Cup. 

‘I’m watching as an Australian fan and absolutely loving it,’ Lyon said.

‘I feel like their squad over there, they’ve got some very talented players. They’ve got a world-class squad. I’m hoping they go all the way.’

And watching the English team struggle at the World Cup has also been entertaining. 

‘Absolutely loved it ,’ he said.