Young people are “crazy” about coin cakes

Recently, cheese coin cakes are becoming a “hot trend” taking the culinary community by storm. This snack is loved for its delicious, sweet flavor and unique way of eating cheese strings. Also for this reason, the coin cheesecake business has helped many shop owners earn huge profits.

1. Decoding the “hot trend” of cheese coin cakes – A snack that makes young people stir

Cheese coin cake is a type of cake originating from Korea. The cake has a crust made mainly from flour, eggs, milk and a filling made of shredded Mozzarella cheese.

The shape of the cake is round, embossed with the word 10 won (or some other motifs depending on the coin cake mold). Regarding the taste, according to many people who have enjoyed it, the crust is lightly crispy on the outside, spongy, soft and moist on the inside combined with a characteristic fragrant cheese filling. When eaten, the still hot cake will pull out long cheese strands that look both attractive and pleasing to the eye.

It is known that every day Ms. Quynh Anh’s shop sells 1,700 – 2,000 cakes, with a revenue of about 60 million/day. Before opening the shop in Hanoi, Ms. Quynh Anh also had 3 other establishments in Da Nang, Tay Ninh and Vung Tau.

Revenue at the shop is like a talking number to prove the “hotness” of this cake among young people. Even though more than a month has passed, the heat of cheese coin cakes still shows no signs of cooling down. Many people even have to line up for 2-4 hours to buy and enjoy this cake.

Realizing the business opportunity to get rich, many shops selling coin cakes have also appeared in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Notably, despite being described as “growing like mushrooms”, these stores are still relatively crowded, showing that the “fever” of cheese coin cakes is still of great interest to many people.

2. Should we sell cheese coin cakes or not?

Unique and attractive product

Originally a popular street snack in Korea, after only a short time being introduced to Vietnam, coin cakes quickly attracted the attention of a large number of customers. That shows the uniqueness and attractiveness of the product.

Cheese coin cake is not only a delicious dish but also highly aesthetic. The beautiful shape of the cake and the unique way of eating cheese fibers easily attract the attention and curiosity of diners of all ages. Many stores have added cheese coin cakes to their menus to increase sales. There are even chain stores selling cheese coin cakes with many branches scattered throughout the districts of Hanoi. Depending on each store, the number of customers coming to buy will vary, but it cannot be denied that, in many places, customers still have to line up to wait to buy cakes.

Low investment costs – High profits

To invest in a coin cheese cake business, you only need to have egg cake dough, cheese and a coin cake maker. In addition, other ingredients are also very easy to find and buy, and you can even take advantage of some spices right in your kitchen.

Meanwhile, the current selling price of this type of cake is quite high, ranging from 30,000 VND to 40,000 VND/piece. Compared to the cost of a cake, the profit can be up to 50%.

In case this cake becomes more and more popular, many stores open and you want to adjust the price a little to compete and attract customers, you can still be assured of making a profit.

Large market potential:

Cheese coin cake is suitable for a variety of customers of all ages, from children to adults. In addition, except for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which have a few scattered shops, there are not many establishments selling delicious, plump, Korean-style cakes on the market. Therefore, the potential for coin cake business in Vietnam is still very open.

Product flexibility

Flexibility in business model: You can do coin cake business both online and offline. With offline form, it can be sold at night markets, sports/music events/festivals or open fixed stores,…

Flexibility in business timing: Unlike ice cream, yogurt, sugarcane juice, etc., which only sell well in the hot summer, cheese coin cakes are snacks that are easier to sell. Cakes can be sold all year round, in both hot and cold seasons. This allows shop owners to easily adapt to market needs and optimize profits.

3. Experience in the cheese coin cake business with “little capital and lots of profit” for the shop owner